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the name came off to me as a bit uninspired (about as much as "Fantasy Quest" would be) but otherwise this seems like a neat project with fine artwork. Will keep an eye on it!~

Pixel Art / Re: [C+C] Janus Clacher, the Grinning Traveler
« on: March 30, 2017, 03:08:29 pm »
A very cute character / design so far!
My main gripes are on the color field -- too little contrast, you can barely tell the shades, while colors themselves are too far apart and don't really "talk" to eachother. Also, some parts of the sprites are really light, while some others are really dark -- I'd like to see this against a background to see how it'd look.

I did a small palette edit, added a new shade of gray to help his coat stand against dark and light environments, made sure to remove pure white (avoid pure white and black at all costs! unless its a voluntary decision to use them, of course, but it just doesn't harmonize well with most palettes that have subtler colors) hue, saturation-shifted and increased the contrast on the shades of each color, decreasing the contrast of the overall palette to increase readability. Hope it helps! ;u; <3

keep it going!

edit: I fucked up when saving and the palette returned to its previous state :I
this isn't how I did it but its somewhat the direction you should go. ; wwww ; good ruck!

tried to redo what i did, welp

My advice then is to finish the "micro" version of the picture, treat it as a study of reference if you will, and only after you're happy with it move it to a bigger resolution. But "detailing" in pixel art is all about being subtle and suggesting things, if you can't do that a big canvas won't help you... Train it!

The small resolution is a lot easier to read too. But since its a dark background, I recommend you not doing it white first -- First thing I personally do is paint the canvas either a middle, neutral gray to help me set the colours (be it in pixel art or regular digital painting) or do a really rough sketch of the composition using only blocks of colors. Sure you can do it with lines but I think you may have a harder time?

Also doing his head facing the camera like that looks a bit stiff, you should try sketching his whole body (up to the hips maybe, but definitely more than the final canvas), his anatomy and stuff, then place his armor on his body. This will allow for a much more natural and well built figure.

Devlogs & Projects / Duet SaGa - 144p RPG
« on: March 30, 2017, 08:44:00 am »
Hiya guys! I'm working on a game as of now, it is pretty much a spiritual child of the SaGa series (its not commercial-able because its using a hacked version of RM2k3 -- I this is really a test grounds to see what DynRPG + my eventing can do)

Its kind of a self challenge -- keep the resolution at 160x144 (same as gameboy), full original graphics and systems. As such I'm trying to keep the gameplay simple and fresh -- the core gameplay is the Duet system, where the two characters can string spells together to produce new effects or even new skills altogether.

Some screenies!

Protagonists are Levin and Noah who after somewhat of a mid-age crisis decide to embark together on a quest to find an old missing friend, and just live life.

Previously they were amongst the knights that put an end to a decades spanning war. The peace, however, left them yearning for a  new purpose in life.

Some portraits! WIP

Critique most welcome!
I'm really dumb when it comes to palettes. I normally just start picking colors at whim then I try to reuse them and end up with a somewhat usable palette, but it still tends to lack harmony. I wanna improve this~

Its really hard to understand what's going on there to be a bit honest! Why don't you try scaling it down? Pixel Art naturally fits low resolution environments, by doing art on such a high resolution you put yourself under a stress even professionals might struggle with at times!

Also, what is your intention with this piece? Is there any particular style you're aiming for?
Congrats on starting your quest through learning pixel art!

Pixel Art / Re: Need your fresh look on robo-spider's walk animation
« on: March 30, 2017, 06:29:21 am »
I actually find it to have a very robotic "jittery" and cranky movement cycle, which makes me very impressed.
This ain't criticism but I just wanted to say I really like it, aha

Devlogs & Projects / Re: Towards The Pantheon (2D RPG)
« on: March 30, 2017, 04:16:14 am »
While no doubt there's a lot of potential and the game's shaping up very nicely, I find you tend to use a lot of stiff silhouettes, poses, mapping and stuff -- the rendering is quite nice, you do have a nice art style as well but you pose your things stiffly.

I'd recommend trying to do some more interesting and organic silhouettes, the sprite here looks neat but the silhouette looks like a Ditto!
I did a very quick 2 minute touchup to show how you could break shapes down, don't be afraid of using strong angles and stuff, it's gonna make your stuff look even better.

Other places I see the stiffness are in overly round and inorganic trees, the way characters are positioned in the battle scene, menus... Change that one little thing and I feel your art will have a noticeable and quick improvement! ~

2D & 3D / Re: Official Anatomy Thread
« on: March 29, 2017, 09:10:44 pm »
this thread is pure gold!!! I miss the pixelart communities. Maybe I should return ;3;

Doing some anatomy studies as of late :3 tifa had reference, raijin had not. (and it shows)

Unpaid Work / Re: [PAID] Need arcade Android/IOS game art!
« on: October 02, 2015, 04:39:03 pm »
Uhh... I don't really think it's fair to tag this as [PAID]
I mean, my hourly rate for instance is $20... That means I would have to make this ship in three minutes in order for it to be worth my time. e_e
The $1 should be token only, this is still Unpaid.

2D & 3D / Re: First attempt at 3D
« on: October 25, 2014, 12:35:43 am »
Thank you veeeery much! That feedback was really helpful! I'll keep that in mind for my next model!!!

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