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General Discussion / Color ramp generator for Dawnbringer 32 palette
« on: December 18, 2013, 07:55:02 pm »
Last night, I coded up a little javascript program to generate color ramps for use with the Dawnbringer 32 palette, which you can find here:

The instructions are at the top of the page.  They aren't great, so it's best to play around with the colors and sliders and watch how the gradient changes.  Here are some links to some sample lighting conditions:

* Green grass on a sunny day
* The same color on an overcast day
* The same color by moonlight
* The same color under a bright fluorescent light

I also made a sample image, just to give people a quick idea of what this tool is capable of.  The tiles used in the sample image were originally designed by Surt.

Pixel Art / 16x16 Castle Tiles
« on: April 25, 2010, 05:56:40 am »

Mostly done, but I'm interested to hear what people think.  The complete set is available here:

... under the terms of the GPL or CC-BY-SA.  The grass tile is lifted from a 16x16 town tileset by Surt, in accordance with the license on that set, which can be found here:

All the rest of the tiles are mine. :)

General Discussion / Interest in a 1-hour pixel art contest?
« on: January 15, 2010, 06:38:28 pm »

This is Bart from  I've run a couple of pixel art contests in the past, and had limited interest because the prize money we're able to offer (generally a total of $150 or less) is understandably not particularly tempting considering the time investment required.  Also, there's little motivation to create a small, quick submission due to the fact that you're likely going up against other people who have put a large amount of effort into their work.

Anyway, barring a massive increase in site donations, our budget is what it is, and there's not much getting around it.  On the other hand, I thought maybe I could limit the amount of time spent on contest submissions by planning a contest time in advance (perhaps with some general description of what the contest will be about), but then only announcing the actual subject of the contest one hour before the entries are due, thus limiting everyone to a single hour of work.  The usual OGA contest rules would apply -- you would retain ownership of your art, but in order to enter it, you would have to agree to release it under a Free license.

So my question is this:  If we were to post such a contest, would be people be interested in participating?  Please let me know, and if you have other ideas, I'm all ears. :)


Pixel Art / WIP tree - C&C?
« on: August 08, 2009, 03:56:27 am »
So, I'm trying to block out the shading for a tree before I start on details (leaves, trunk, etc).  Does this look like an adequate start?


Pixel Art / Grass and dirt tiles -- comments?
« on: August 02, 2009, 07:45:17 pm »
Still a WIP...  any thoughts on this?



I've translated Fil Razorback's excellent Les Forges pixel art tutorials into English (thanks, Fil, you rock!) and posted them on my website:

The tutorials cover a number of topics, including:
 * Line art
 * Antialiasing
 * Light and shadow
 * Color Palettes
 * Textures (including hair and fur)
 * Map tiles (including how to make grass)

You can also read them at this link in the original French:

If you see any issues with my translation, please let me know!


Pixel Art / Female anime sprite base animation -- C&C requested
« on: July 19, 2009, 02:18:04 am »

I've been working on this base sprite for a while:

(edit: very rough 8-frame version)

If possible, I'd like to get some comments, both on the sprite and on the walk.  I feel like the right-facing walk in particular isn't quite right yet, but I'm not quite sure what I need to adjust.  Any thoughts?


General Discussion / pixel art contest!
« on: June 07, 2009, 02:57:49 am »

This is Bart, the proprietor of, and I wanted to let everyone know that we're currently running a contest to create hair, eyes, accessories, and other modifications to our base sprites.

There is a first place cash prize of $100, and a second place prize of $50.  We are also accepting donations of further prizes (cash, services, or other items) if people are interested in helping in that way.

The contest runs until August 1st, so stop by, read the rules, and submit an entry (or several entries, if you're so inclined)!



General Discussion / Donate your old pixels to a worthy cause. :)
« on: March 29, 2009, 07:12:12 am »

I've recently put together a web site that's intended to eventually be a repository of freely-licensed art for use in open source game development.  Anyway, if you're inclined to help out and you have some old art from a defunct project sitting around on your hard drive gathering dust, donating it be a great way to let it see the light of day and help a community in need (if you've ever seen "programmer art", you know what I'm talking about... ;D ).

The site is located at this link:

Even if you're not inclined to donate art, I'd appreciate any comments or criticisms on the usability of the site.  It's not *quite* at 100% yet, but I figure it's at least presentable enough to show to people now.


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