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Pixel Art / Improved color palette?
« on: January 26, 2018, 02:58:18 am »
I'm trying to learn how to create good color palettes. The character on the left is the first one I made, picking how many colors as I wanted. With the following two I tried using complementary colors (mostly) and as few colors as possible for a consistent color palette.

The second character's colors seem 'warm' and the other one seems more 'cold'. Any opinions?

Pixel Art / [Feedback] Male character
« on: January 21, 2018, 08:12:15 pm »
Basically, I'm still learning about Pixel Art, so I wanted to get some feedback on a character I am creating as I am not quite sure about the colors I picked, the proportions, etc.


Pixel Art / [C+C] [WIP] Problem with colour - Pixelart Character -
« on: October 15, 2017, 12:48:02 am »
I'm having a problem with colour in this character.

First of all, feel free to critique any of this  ;D. Its the same character in different outfits and positions.
Now, the problem is that as the character is supposed to be in a 'cold enviroment', I wanted to draw him with his arms crossed (the character on the right) like if he was freezing, but as you can see, it can be difficult to distinguish between the arms and the sweater as their colours look pretty similar. Any suggestions?  ???

I tried fixing it by adding a shadow to separate the sweater and the arms but I think his arms look flat with the shadow. Here's a comparison:

Finally, I've been trying to add a rope to the character (just like the first character, in the first image, has a pickage) but I don't know where to place the rope. You can see I kind of try to put it in his hips but it just looks too tiny to be a rope. Again, any suggestions?

Thanks, Peek.

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