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2D & 3D / Re: Possible Space Shooter Mockup...
« on: September 22, 2008, 07:44:38 pm »
Beoran: I'm not a computer programmer, unfortunately. I am a video game artist in the industry, though, and I like the control that the 3DSMAX setup I have gives me. Thanks for those links!

Lazycow: Nozzles: That's more of a stylistic thing than anything else - I was inspired by the space shuttle on that one. As for the flickering lights...I think that's a palette issue, hopefully fixed in these new images. The explosions were created using particle effects and custom materials in 3DSMAX. This is a pretty cool system, as it lets you put in a random number seed and get a new explosion for every number. If there's any demand for it, I could post the MAX file here.
New randomly generated explosion (palette not optimized - very close to direct output from MAX)

Dusty:Thanks. You're right on about the bottom nozzle - it's been moved back to match the upper one. The original thinking behind that was to have it farther out to make it more visible from the angle you'd be seeing it in the game, but that's a much lesser concern now that I've seen it finished.

So, two new ship images, with the lower engine pushed back forward. I'll post some of the weapons and engine upgrades tonight, with any luck...

Thanks again for the comments!

2D & 3D / Possible Space Shooter Mockup...
« on: September 22, 2008, 04:00:23 am »
Hello, all! My name is Howard Day, and I've recently gotten back into pixel art after quite a long absence. I had long since moved pass pushing individual pixels and onto high-resolution 3D - and just got the urge to go back and do some low-poly low-res work...I had forgotten how relaxing it is. Anyhow, The idea for the game is a fixed-angle (not quite orthographic isometric... close, but still with a minimum of perspective) 3d space shooter on a 2d playing field. The art style was definitely inspired by DoDonPachi and other classic vertical shooters. So the first task was to create some representative space ship as might be seen in the game...say a player ship.
*EDIT* This model has 576 Triangles... I forgot to mention that the first time round.*EDIT*

And then the two texture maps...both 16 color 64x64...the first is the diffuse, the second is the glow...

and two alternate color sets.
All the 3D stuff was done in 3DSMAX 9 and the textures in there's a cool program.
So that was the initial work I did on this. I thought it looked pretty good (please, rip me apart on this).. and I thought it might be good to try and do some of the effects.
These are all done in 3DSMax alone.
- Medium sized explosion...missile/mine hits, exploding sub components, etc. - Big explosion (unfinished) - ship destruction, Epic weapon hits...
- Small shield hit - gun projectile, debris hits...
- Big shield hit - Missiles, mines, Bigger guns...

Well, that's all I've got for now! I'd love to hear any C+C you guys have - as well as any additional sources, ideas, techniques, etc... you might think valuable.
Thanks, and enjoy.

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