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any better?


[the flower in this was done by my associate and isn't final; don't worry about that]

any crits or thoughts? i feel like i'm having trouble organizing the colors correctly, especially between the cliffside and the grass surrounding it. i'm not quite sure how to proceed with that discomfort, or if its even necessarily validated.

Pixel Art Feature Chest / Re: Reclining nude [wip]
« on: December 13, 2014, 05:41:09 am »
That's excellent advice, actually; thank you! I'm working on updating the piece as we speak.

Pixel Art Feature Chest / Re: Reclining nude [wip]
« on: December 13, 2014, 04:48:40 am »
Much appreciated! I've taken that into consideration and have decided to alter some portions of the body and the anatomy to better fit where I'm trying to go with it.

The body seems awfully detailed, you should only apply basic detail before deciding on all of the shapes / silhouette of the thing you're drawing

its a bad habit, but i tend to do better/have more fun doing it. something i should break out of lol

Pixel Art Feature Chest / GR#231 - Reclining Nude - Anatomy
« on: December 03, 2014, 08:17:40 am »

first version:

Started this earlier today. I feel like I'm kind of wandering a bit aimlessly in regards to the anatomy and shading on the legs and pelvic region, though;

any C+C would be much appreciated!

Pixel Art / Re: Swamp level. C+C needed
« on: October 14, 2013, 06:12:16 pm »
You can have the ground below the water dip down further and have underwater or semi-underwater segments; additionally, you can have fallen objects like trees or hills justify an upwards increase in ground level without breaking from the first concept.

I think in the future I should probably avoid making everything blue and reusing colors in so many spots, haha. In the process of making this I somehow forgot about the "value/hue" aspect of distinguishing between layers.  ??? (direct link so you can see it on a dark background)
I'm working on an edit here and I took cues from both Anarkhya and Helm's edit, although somewhat subdued cues. The amount of colors has stayed the same although ptoing definitely proved the point that I could stand to shed a handful of them. I'm still working on separating them some more, though, so I don't think the process of reducing unnecessary colors will come until after then.

I'm happier with where it stands now but still working on it and tweaking it a lot. The things concerning me the most right now are:
  *Something feels off about the separated floor on the upper part, still, and I can't quite place it. Does it need more     separation on the bottom layer, or should I make it fade into black more?

  *I'm not sure how I feel about the tone, now; sometimes I get the impression that the colors are clashing in ways I don't want them to? But other times I don't.

  *It might be too dark still and I also don't know how I feel about the shadowing on the lower half. The pillars might be too light comparatively, as well.

Very distracting and annoying when in a game, you can't tell what's what, causing you to have to second-
guess where you can jump and where you can't. Bad design.
That was part of the original plan -- that you could jump on it -- but It's not set in stone. I've opted to remove it for the moment .

Imho, this is lacking in your mockup, and gives it an "all black and white" feeling.
Incidentally, the game started off as being black and white and more and more color has slowly been introduced. That hesitation is probably part of why I forgot to consider hue when thinking about the different layers and the result was something that was more of a flat range of blue shades. This is also partially why i'm keeping the colors less saturated.

I sincerely appreciate everyone's help here and I've gotten further with this and with my understanding of how I should tackle this kind of thing in the future than I would have otherwise!  :y:

I essentially finished it. I should note, this background is also a mine for tiles so it doesn't exactly represent a completed set-piece.

+++++++++different versions++++++++++++

It's been a while since I touched a lot of it, and I think I've kind of gotten used to some of the areas, so I'm not sure how the foreground/background contrast is working out right now. I might go back and alter that and give it some stronger shadows on the bottom half and maybe darken the pillars slightly. I don't want this to be quite as stark as Symphony of the Night in its contrast (although that's certainly a big influence and I appreciate the screenshots to illustrate your point) but I think I can probably work a little bit more towards that kind of level of things?

I appreciate the C+C from everyone, and would definitely appreciate some more as well.  :)

Candyman & Pypebros:

I opted to adjust the brightness and shading a little bit rather than add a detail like a railing; that adds more of a divide in depth than i want to have, as ideally the stairs should be only directly in front of the pillars behind it. I may still make the pillars darker but that's something I'm going to worry about when I've made some more progress. Similarly, I might edit the bottom part entirely to make some stronger shadows under the second floor and behind the two rows of pillars.

Ryumaru: Long time no see, haha. I've rebooted it a couple times since then and I've been working on getting my art abilities where I want them to be first. By mechanical, do you refer to tiling repetition, or do you mean the nature of the shapes?

In any case, I've got an update here.

I might be making the part above the "hole" something else entirely. Maybe something framed by columns with a sort of enclave in between them.


background for a game. wip. any comments/criticism would be greatly appreciated

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