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Portfolios / New 2d artist portfolio
« on: September 14, 2008, 11:08:21 pm »
Hello everyone :)

My name is Vagner, i'm from Brazil, i started spriting sometime ago, i don't think i can say i do it for a year coz before it was just an entertainment drawing with MS paint, it still an entertainment! But i realize i was a bit good at drawing so i decide to start spriting for games to earn some money ;)
of course i have a lot to learn, i still an amateur but i would like to get employed by a real game industry so i could work and learn more with the professional spriter i would work with.
I used to sprite 45º Sprites like UO or Tibia and I started to do some isometric sprites about 2 week ago so i'm not an experienced spriter
sprites that i made in these two last weeks

My first isometric sprite:
(2 color for the skin 2 for the short and i think 4 or 5 for the hair)

And running (I think I made a mistake on its moves)

first isometric things :)
I didn't like the tree's leaf but i liked the grass (both with same color)

Then i made this one to train animations :)

i also made 2 tiles, some hair styles and an equiped player

Bashing with a hammer:

Slicing with a katana:

well, these are examples of my work, I'lll do my best if i get employed.
Sorry for my english.. i may commit some mistakes


New sprite:

My first Sidescroller spriter

New animations:

When monsters come close to the character,he can now pull the monsters off with a kick

Set your weapon on/off, then look for a target, Bang!

New animations:

Sometimes sprites also breath   :)


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