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Hi there , im having really hard time creating character and then when i try to animate or even pose when he walking for example to different angle so he change from front view to side view and making it look like the same character exactly seems impossible to me ,same with animating to keep the legs for example same size all frames seems quiet hard sometimes its further from the view so it need to be basically smaller but how to know by how much to keep it look around the same size ?
any tips/guide about that ? 

Thanks. :)

Unpaid Work / Looking for collab with a pixel artist
« on: September 08, 2017, 05:58:36 pm »
Hi im working on a game , core mechanics are pretty much ready already  and using placeholders graphics for now , im looking for someone to collab with me and create the graphics for the game , including characters , tilesets,enemies.
a little bit info about the game:
Its a topdown shooter , themed on food , the player is a fat man and the enemies that programmed right now are(from weakest to strongest):Skinny mans,Musclars,Soccer Players, there are also Bosses and npc's in game and a little bit of story,The weapons are food,biscuits,fries,whipped cream and donuts are currently the programmed weapons. it still early stages of the game and i want to take it even further what i said is just what is ready already , but theres still plenty of stuff i want to add.
so i would love to find a pixel artist for this project.
can contact me via skype or email.

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