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Devlogs & Projects / LifeLit Games - Houdini: The Grand Magus
« on: September 06, 2017, 08:02:42 pm »
Houdini is a fast placed game in which you have to follow the instructions displayed on the screen in order to win the match. The objective is to kill the other guy, no matter how, no matter why. By doing that you will be proclaimed "The Grand Magus".

Choose the gamemode and select you character by pressing the corrisponding letter on the keyboard.

Once you are in the game follow the instructions displayed, every character has different metods to kill and survive. Who wins 5 rounds will be considered the winner of the battle.

At the end of every round two letter will be displayed on the top of each player, press the corresponding button on the keyboard to confirm that you are ready for the next round.




In the next update we'll add a completely new character, called "Cardini" and a new -always before playing- tutorial.

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