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Pixel Art / Re: Manny Calavera walksprite c+c
« on: March 24, 2009, 11:01:58 pm »
Don't worry about it.  Like Gil said, there's only so much you can do with a 16x16 block of pixels - especially when you're trying to hit a likeness on a two-tone character like Manny.
It can just take a while sometimes to get crits :P

The animation you had up on the last post looked better than your original, for sure.  Both versions of the heads are facing to our right, tho, and we're seeing the body straight-on.  The walk cycle you had up there before would have worked if manny was moving down and to the right, but if he was moving directly down or - especially - to the right, it probably would have looked kinda weird, like he was side-stepping.  But then, a lot of older 2D adventure games had issues like that, too.  If you're gonna have him walking in all directions you're gonna need more angles.  I think the one you had up looked fine, tho.  Granted, I'm new as well, but that's my two cents :P

You should just keep dumping stuff for the game in here as well, tho.  I'm sure you've got more to do than just Manny.  As your project progresses you'll probably find things to alter on your sprites, and the more stuff you make, the better everything will get.

Pixel Art / Re: Manny Calavera walksprite c+c
« on: March 23, 2009, 06:43:19 am »
Arms and legs move opposite one another.  Left arm forward + right leg forward.  Right arm forward + left leg forward.
The noise does make the motion hard to crit very well.
The sprite itself is interesting to me in that it poses an odd challenge:  Manny was designed to be a stylized 3D character, and he has a very simple, iconic sort of look.  Trying to get that likeness with just a handful of pixels will be difficult - especially if it's just black and white.

The mouth is a pretty significant feature, as is the size of his eyes.  I don't think the likeness is there on your sprite yet, and with anly about a dozen or so pixels to work with vertically you'll probably want to do some experimenting to get some proportions and shapes.  I'd suggest a midtone or two so you can sort of fake some of the facial stuff like so:

Top row = square shapes
row below = same shapes with two midtones that act to round the shape (I'm half asleep and forgot a couple of shapes you could try, like "+" shapes and such)
and obviously there's my own attempt.  I'm still just learning pixel art as well, so I'm just throwing out ideas.  More a front view than profile shot, but I tried to give the facial shapes' proportions similar to that in-game shot up there.  I think the size of the eyes and a larger mouth shape are the best spots to focus on to hit a decent likeness.

You also probably don't even need a neck.  Just sit his head right on his suit and maybe have a little overlap there during the animations...  instead of having the head drop, tho, you might want to have the whole body rise and fall for each step (evenly, not just one frame per step).

Sadly, I have only ever played the demo for Grim Fandango.  I liked it, but at the time i was without my own computer.  Perhaps I will find a used copy via e-bay or something and give it a shot.  I loved that Manny would look at the things he could interact with.  I wonder why more games didn't steal that feature and avoid the pixel-searching of most adventure games.

2D & 3D / Re: Some lowpoly stuff
« on: March 19, 2009, 07:01:01 pm »
That's all actually really useful.  I couldn't find much info about the PSone / 2 texture memory.  All I knew is that devs would complain about how little of it there was compared to the xbox or the DC or whatever.  Didn't know about the 16 color limitation for the PSone either, tho it makes perfect sense.

To be honest, I'm not sure the actual geometry there is PSone friendly.  If anyone's aware of a good site that lists the technical specifics / limitations of the hardware, that would be awesome.

2D & 3D / Some lowpoly stuff
« on: March 19, 2009, 04:56:58 am »

Made this guy a couple weeks ago.  I was planning on making a series of them, but I've have an interesting idea, and I want to see where it goes.
I'll have more stuff to post soon.  I want to work more on my pixel art, so my next thread will probably be in the other forum, cause I'll be wanting me some hardcore crits.
The pixel art will eventually wrap around this sort of model, though.  I'm trying to get near to the PSone.  I think it used 128 textures for most characters...  I might be wrong tho...

Also, inspired by Jakten's lowpoly Megaman / Hiro:

Just a doodle :P

Pixel Art / Re: Pixel, Maybe finished, maybe WIP
« on: March 19, 2009, 04:23:38 am »
It's either a brilliant example of postmodernism or you forgot to include the image.

EDIT:  well, nm i guess...

First off, I think this is still WIP :D
You might want to reduce the size.  You look like you're still trying to get a handle on the basics, and it would be more worthwhile to work on some smaller images before trying something this large.  Instead of a 500x300 image, why not re-make it at 100x60?  I think most people here will say the same thing.

You might also want to work with a pencil and paper as well.  You'll learn things like volumes and shading a lot faster with a pencil than you will with pixel art, and the things you learn in one will improve your work in the other.

Overall, tho, you will want to work a lot smaller.  It's hard to give crits on something like this, as there are so many places to work on.  Don't take that the wrong way or anything.  Everyone has a starting point, and the more stuff you do the better you'll get.  Step one for you would be to work smaller.  That's really all I can crit without overwhelming you, I think.  So the next piece you do, or if you decide to re-make this one at a smaller resolution, then you can post that and there will probably be a "step two" waiting for you.  :)

Pixel Art / Re: [WIP] Space Marine Sprite
« on: March 19, 2009, 03:36:59 am »
the .jpg is killing your colors.  When zoomed, the sprite at actual size looks very different from the zoomed one below it.

I quickly re-pixeled it over yours (colors are probably wrong / different, so post your original as gif or png so others can edit properly) and did an edit.
Removed the dithering and altered the shading here and there.  I'm really new to pixel art, so others will probably have better edits.

One thing, tho:  if you're dithering for texture then that's cool, but if you're trying to make the dark grey in your pallet appear a little lighter, you'd be better off just choosing a lighter shade.  Unless you're stuck with that shade due to limitations or something.  i didn't change it, myself.

Also, the red in the right robot and the blue in this one are hard to notice unless it's zoomed in on.  Even in the png version here.  You might want to make those brighter or give them a glow or somehow make them contrast more with their surrounding shades to make the eyes and little color areas stick out a wee bit more.

General Discussion / Re: Firefox 3 blurring pixel art question
« on: March 15, 2009, 09:42:13 am »
erm.  I could have sworn I already posted this, but I'll post it again.

IE Tab.  It uses IE's rendering engine within firefox's frame.  You can switch back and forth at will, or you can designate specific sites to always use IE's engine.  I use it for this place and Moby Games and a few other sites that up-scale pixels.  Works well for me.  I've been coming here with Firefox 3 for months.  Same browser, same behavior, just different rendering engine for the pages / layouts.  Give it a shot.

General Discussion / Re: Portfolio websites
« on: February 19, 2009, 04:23:35 am »

I did all of it by hand with notepad++.  I just like coding stuff, so coding a website was a no-brainer for me.  Still working on it, tho.  This is just a basic layout and idea.
I did some sketching and some writing.  You have to plan at least eh basic layout and it's best to do that with a sketch rather than trying to come up with something decent as you code.  Lord knows I've tried that before.  The reason I've not updated it in a while is that I'm actually working on some PHP that will let me log in to a back-end and add new content, but that's a LOT more complex than it needs to be.  If you plan it properly and code it in a way that makes it easy to edit, and if your host provides FTP info (most do) then updating is pretty simple.  I could copy/paste some code on my 'doodles' page, change a couple filenames in the URL's and update it in just a matter of a minute.

You don't need to learn PHP or anything fancy like that.  Just some basic CSS and HTML code can make you a pretty nice portofio site.

2D & 3D / Re: Coelacanth 01 Low Poly
« on: February 10, 2009, 11:50:32 am »
I saw it as a gun, but now that you mention it, it does sort of look like a boomerang...
You could probably fix it by just adding a sight or maybe giving it a 'grip' feel where it's going up the arm there.  Possibly by just playing with it's proportions (so the part on the arm and the part going down are less similar in size...)

Love this stuff, too :D

2D & 3D / Re: some more lowpoly stuffs
« on: January 01, 2009, 07:20:40 am »
Ahhh, I saw the Ninja on your DeviantArt page the last time I checked it, but the other two are new to me.  Awesome as always.  I am totally going to do some stuff in this style.  I love lowpoly models in general, but lately you and a few other people have been seriously inspiring the hell out of me with this sort of bad-ass work.  It's a damn shame that there are so few games that even come close to this level of awesome.  I'd play just about anything if it looked this cool.

Where does Flash come into the picture tho?  You do the textures with it, or do you use it for the final image or....??

Keep em coming, man.  I love this stuff.

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