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General Discussion / ideal female anatomy/proportions
« on: July 09, 2010, 09:33:36 pm »
Something that annoys me is whenever I look for female anatomy charts there is something about them that hits me as wrong.  The torso is usually too long, and the legs are usually too short.  The 50/50 leg to torso ratio works well for males, but not so well for females.

From one website I read about high heals shoes, it said that men find leg to torso ratios of 1.4:1 to be the most attractive, and I have to agree with that.  I also find 2/3 a good naval to height ratio, but I'm just guessing at that one because it looks right.

Pixel Art / SNES Mode-0 unused but cool graphic mode (WIP)
« on: August 17, 2008, 12:36:55 am »
Hi, as you might already know, Snes had a lot of different graphic modes, most of them never used.

Today I'm talking about SNES's mode-0.  What is different from the rest is that this mode, uses only 4 colors per 8x8 tile, instead of 16, but makes it up by having 4 different backgrounds, instead of the usual 2.

Why should've this mode been used?  I have many reasons why I think they should have used this mode-0 more often.

- much more computer aesthetic than using 16 colors per tile
- 4 layers of scroling
- less memory

My drawing isn't finished yet.  You can post your oppinion, or you can draw your own Mode-0 pixel drawing.


- 4 layers

- 8x8 tiles

- 3 colors and one transparency per tile

- 8 pallettes per layer

I want to eventually make a video game, or be part of a development team, but where exactly do I begin making the game?  First you can't make the game without the game engine but how would you know how the game engine should work if you don't know what sized sprites your going to use and how many of them without drawing the graphics first?  How do you stay attentive drawing the graphics?  I've been working on an animation of a girl dancing for about a month and I only have 9/12 (I might even need more than 12 for this, but I don't know yet) frames done.  How do you make an game engine anyway? (I'm thinking of making this game for either a Sega Genesis or a Super Nintendo)  How do you come up with a system of designing the game that allows you to do EVERYTHING?!  I have a lot of crazy game ideas that don't involve just having enemy sprites walking on a non-moving background layer.  For example, having a wall in the background crack and then the ceiling collapse on you, you can't achive with just the "sprites on one playfield background" kind of engine.  It wouldn't work because it will require the top of the background to be turned into two backgrounds and the second will be also as much as part of the game as the first background.  So how do you make a engine/system that does everything you want it to do?  What about compressing graphics?: If you do all the decompressing before you start the level you might run into RAM limitations; if you do real-time compression you might have som miserable slowdowns (unfortuanately, a lot of Snes games relied on this method, I heard from someone); and if you don't use compression you might run into ROM problems.  So what will be the solution?  Have a giant mess of different strategies, strategically chosen for all the different characters and items and stuff.  But there is two problems with that:  1) How do you know what strategy to use if you haven't drawn all the sprites and counted how much memory all this takes up?  2) How do you make an game engine that lets you use whatever kind of compression strategy whenever you want it?  Anybody who could solve all my unorginized confusion, thanks in advance!

General Discussion / animated picture file
« on: July 30, 2008, 01:00:13 am »
Hi I just got here.  What do I need to make an animated bitmap?  Whenever I make pixel animations on my computer I always use a trick with MS paint where I zoom into a the picture and use the < and > buttons on the horizontal scroll bar to evenly space out each frame and use those buttons to move from one frame to the next and back.  However I don't know what I need to turn them into a valid animated bitmap file.

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