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Pixel Art / Re: Scaling objects.
« on: October 17, 2022, 08:10:02 pm »
I've made some changes.

Changed the overall character + mixing a bit with contrast ect.

Pixel Art / Scaling objects.
« on: September 27, 2022, 01:18:47 pm »
Hello !

I've came back to drawing again.

I've made something like this :

But the problem is that my character feels off to these buildings. Maybe it is a scaling or something like that ? Any advice ?

Pixel Art / How would you start ?
« on: April 24, 2020, 05:11:16 pm »
Hello !

I've been wondering if I should start drawing on piece of paper (because I wanted to more understand how should I draw). That thought came up from just watching some animations or playing video games.
Maybe my taste of art isn't high ... But I really admire some works like Cowboy Bebop, Ghost in the Shell etc.

But the thing is where to start ... I saw some videos that I should just draw, practicing specific topic. So it didn't give me a lot, I was then thinking, maybe Gesture or Perception or anything. So I've ended up making figures (cubes, cylinders)

Now I wonder that even if I'll be able to draw some position of cube od cylinders, I still imagine how I can make from it for example hand ?

Pixel Art / Re: Shading opinion?
« on: April 21, 2020, 03:25:00 pm »
yip yip looks good. SHIP IT.

Don't linger on this too long. Start something new. Keep improving.

Well here comes an update then :D

I'm working on with the background. At the beggining I thought "Maybe a park ? Some trees would be nice to see". When I was making it I realised how bad I'm with drawing trees :D So I've dumped this idea and went into more city setup for example electric poles

I was thinking how to make the background more reliable by adding 3/4 layers colors of the sky, but It didn't gave me a great result, so for now it looks like that.

I've also implemented the background to check if it would fit (also changed the electric box for the first building, because the last one looked more like a wardrobe than an actual electric box :D)

I was working of with some additional object like mailbox

And some chests as well

All of this for my characters

I think I have to much free time ...
What do you think about it ?

Pixel Art / Re: Shading opinion?
« on: April 17, 2020, 10:21:56 am »
Thanks :)

I've made 2 version of the cat

I think I've kept the proportions. Oh and I've changed a bit the vending machine.

Here is the actual change:

Pixel Art / Re: Shading opinion?
« on: April 15, 2020, 11:35:32 pm »
Hello !

I made so small changes (not big as I thought). Thanks again @Mathias for this transformation, it helped a lot.
So I made so small changes like : I've changed a bit colors from the original one, I left the door roof on the right side,
changed a bit the decoration behind the windows. I don't know how the cat looks like now (hard to add some other colors to not make it look to messy) I've also tried to get rid of the outlines but it looked pretty wierd for me. I've also changed the pattern on the bushes (the same way I did in my previous building).

I'm also experimenting with putting words on the awning.

I'll make it better soon :)

I'm also making a small map how it will look like (I mean that I'm checking how they look like next to each other)
Also thinking how to fulfill the background with small buildings and rice field. But I'll work on it later (FIRSTLY THE SHOP)

I'll try to send the version with a background :D

Thanks a lot everybody I really appreciate it @heyguy @Mathias @eishiya @Chonky Pixel
See ya !

Pixel Art / Re: Shading opinion?
« on: April 15, 2020, 08:30:15 pm »
Damn I admit this one looks a lot better than mine :)

I was trying to keep more cold colors than make it more bright :)
Trying to help my friend make a game about life decisions. But this transfomations shows me how much I am afraid to add 1 more pixel or 1 more color to pallete but to be honest I still can't find my self to create a great color composition.

I also like the roof (I think I've added to much lines there)

A lot to learn is there for me :D
Thanks for the edit, I'll try to adjust some things by myself (don't want to copy). I'll send as fast as it's possible :D

Poor shop menagers cat  :'(

Pixel Art / Re: Shading opinion?
« on: April 11, 2020, 11:58:56 pm »
I think I know what do you mean by that, so I tried to recreate this effect.
Dunno if it looks like that.
Now I pretty like this roof, I wasn't confident before but now it looks great. I also wonder if the cat isn't to big comparing to this vending machine ...

Do you have a good reference how to implement words on a (that green object I forgot the name of it: D), I want to add some shadows to it as well, to create an imitation of the movement caused by the wind.

Pixel Art / Re: Shading opinion?
« on: April 11, 2020, 09:19:38 pm »
Roofs aren't usually paper-thin. The tiles (or sheets, boards, or whatever else you plan to draw) have thickness, as does the (wooden/metal/plastic) understructure that they sit on. Thinking about the major parts that make up this roof should help you see where the lights and shadows can go.

I highly recommend looking at some reference photos for this sort of thing. Roofs aren't something you can draw well without having a basic understanding of how they work IRL.

Unrelated nitpicks, if you're interested:
The upper right part of the wall looks like it's at an angle because of the darker colours, but everything else suggests it's part of the same surface as the upper left.
The vending machine (?) seems to be facing in a different direction (mostly down to its width/depth ratio and the far side's white bit being much thinner than the near side's), but its stadow suggests that it's flat against the wall. The shadow of its legs also suggests the back of it is narrower than the front.
The air conditioning unit seems to be sitting a distance away from the wall because of where on the overhang it is. If it's meant to be attached to the house, it should probably be flush against the wall. If it's meant to be separated, then it could use a cast shadow to disambiguate this.
Speaking of cast shadows, that aircon pipe(?) looks pretty thick and should probably cast a shadow on the wall.
For an extra touch of realism, consider setting the doors and windows a little into the house rather than flush with the exterior wall, and perhaps raising the bottoms of the doors by a couple of pixels to show the threshold.

Well I guess this one should be a thing here.

So I was looking for some roof references (but most of them were to hard for me to draw it ...) so I've made a typical one with metal panel on the roof. I've also added gutter.

I've also changed the whole vending machine (with additional cat on the top). I changed a bit right upper wall to not make the situation where the site wall look the same like the front one. I added some shadows as well on the top, vending machine and pipes.

PS. There is still a bush WIP so don't mind him, I'm still thinking how to add details in this bush to make it look ok.

Oh and there is one thing I couldn't understand.

"For an extra touch of realism, consider setting the doors and windows a little into the house rather than flush with the exterior wall, and perhaps raising the bottoms of the doors by a couple of pixels to show the threshold."

What did you mean by that? Because I couldn't understand this line.
Thanks for the advice :)

Pixel Art / Re: Shading opinion?
« on: April 11, 2020, 10:58:40 am »
By the way guys, do you have an idea how to add here roof ?
It's hard to keep this building have a foggy pallete ...
I was thinking a lot how to add colors to make it look more 3D

Small edit

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