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Scriblette, if you read the old thread you'd see that I do not exclude nudity, so, I can't simplifying anything. But the link you gave is useful, it helps me keep in mind which positions and frames I'll need. I also answered in your thread.

st0ven, I can see your point about my sprite being somewhat androgynous. Perhaps the shoulders have to be less wide, however it's difficult to do whilst preserving the outline. I'm going for that classic outlined style (reference: Unfortunately, what your doing loses the outline, which means it doesn't quite work against a light background, IMHO. (See below) Also, I think the heavy eyebrows and open, thinner legs make it look more masculine again. Women tend to have have rather wide thighs and hips. ^_^

However, I do like the improved breasts of your edit.  The shading you use is very soft... perhaps I should work on my shading a bit more. I also kind of like the main skin tone you've used. I'll wait for some more comments and make another edit based upon your and other people's comments.


I edited the frame that I liked the most, being the experimental edit on the left. Can you see what I did? Made chin smaller to make face more feminine, made feet more flat to look less like boots, legs and torso longer for better proportions, boobs up, etc. It's easier for me to show that to tell, so I hope the edit speaks louder than words. Oh, you're free to use my edit for whatever, I'm not anal about copyright. ^_^

My advice to you is to worry less and to try to just have fun drawing. Then, just keep drawing. You'll learn more as long as you keep practicing and challenging yourself. Secondly, get some reference photos from the internet. Plenty of nudes out there, so pick the ones you like. You may want to use your image processing software to scale the body of your reference down so it's 3x the size of the head, as to get the same super deformed proportions you're looking for.  And, please, don't be prudish. Draw the nipples! Otherwise it's difficult to see if the breasts are formed correctly or not.

blumunkee, and ndchristie, yes there was some banding/pillow shading going on around the hips, but I didn't think it was that noticeable. My current stab at it (see above) should be an improvement. Although it corresponds to reality and the references I'm using, the lower legs were indeed a bit too dark and pronounced. I have to remember I want to go for a symbolical representation character style, and not a realistic one. ^_^ So I lightened them up and gave more distinction to the knee. As for the colors, they will be palette-rotated anyway (to make Asian, African, etc, characters) so they're less of an issue now. I'll optimize them once I really can't improve the shapes anymore.

Scriblette, I moved the knee up one pixel and it seems to come out rather well there. Nice find about the navel, it was too high up by 1 pixel! I lengthened the arms and torso by 1 pixel, but I forgot to shift the navel down. In my latest try, I shifted the navel down again. I'd love to see your try, so, please do make that thread! ^_^

General Discussion / Re: Why do you love pixel art?
« on: June 18, 2009, 08:13:53 pm »
We live in a time where 3D is being used everywhere, and with all the "realism" going on, but I find most 3D models (with the exception of Ookami) as industrial and bland as any other mass product. I think pixel art is much like hand made lace, store made chocolates, home made cakes. Better, because more attention is payed to the fine detail, and because it isn't mass produced. I love it for games, because it gives a touch of imagination, fantasy and personality to a game. That's why I'm making my own dream project with 2D graphics.

Edit: Latest version is on the right:

Edit: Progression from the beginning to now:

Hey, I'm still working (very slowly) on my big Action RPG, and I'm currently refining my RPG base once again. I've finally decided to follow the advice I got before, and stop faking depth. In stead, I focused on making the character readable, feminine, and as attractive as I could within the style I'm looking for and within my skills. I'm fairly happy with the result you see above, but I'm open to any suggestions. I think I really have to learn how to be less perfectionist, though, as I'm still working on the same sprite frame I was working on 6 months ago >_<  see

Basically, it has to do with the hardware. Some hardware or software modes for that hardware had rectangular pixels because the aspect ratio of the resolution is not fitting that of the screen. For example, standard mode 13h on a PC compatible computer is 320 x 200 and has rectangular pixels.

Pixel Art / Re: Killer whale
« on: October 05, 2008, 06:55:24 pm »
The back of the bottom of the bowl should be visible too, as a slight line, I think.

Pixel Art / Re: [WIP] Partisan Tactics Battles : Animations, woah
« on: October 05, 2008, 06:21:08 pm »
Juts something to help you and he other people working on your game: anyone who is making a histoical style game with combat should read this:

The paradoxes of defense,and his instructions on using weapons, by George Silver, who, l ready in his time, just before 1600, had to combat the many misunderstandings there are about fighting with a hand to hand weapon. Read it, and pass it on to your programmers, I think he's correct about most of what he is saying.

Of the plethora of swords you have in concept, most is useless. If you want to go for a more realistic angle, read up more about historic weapons too.

Yes, Helm,  I would love to hear your reasons, but I guess I kind of feel what you mean.  After all, the only RPG I know that died a genuine 3/4 view in the sprites is the 7th Saga, and I don't think that looks so good.,%20the.jpg

Phantasy star 4 uses a simple front view, but I feel my first reference from Phantasy Star Chronicles, The Mana World, and even Secret of Mana and Chrono Trigger use a "slightly elevated" symbolic front and side view.  That's why I'm aiming for such a "slightly elevated" view now. You know, front view with a hint of "above"-ness. I hope my current sprite captured that idea, although I'm open to suggestions as to hos to improve to that goal (like always).

Mike, thank you for that photo. However, my goal has changed a bit since I wrote my first post. I want to go with the slightly elevated front view. However, I think I can't change the title of this thread anymore? Edit: I can? OK, I did it to reflect my new goal.

Pixel Art / Re: [WIP] (Nudity) Female character base 3/4 top down view
« on: September 30, 2008, 08:17:36 am »
Well, I'll revert it back to the more normal legs, but fiddle around with the feet a bit more. However, I think that seen the progress I've already made and also seen that I've been fiddling with one sprite for over a month, I will have to say "good enough is good enough", at least for now, so I can finally start drawing all other poses for the base, and finally have some sprites to put in my game! :)

I also don't like the brush stuff TMW uses. Pixel art fro the win! :)  I will be using this game's tiles for testing, (which I can do because the art is also open source, like my game) but I'll replace them with my own further down the line. And, I do plan to make most pixel art myself, that is, unless I can find someone who is willing to help me and stick to the general style I'm currently headed to.  I like how it's turning out. Especially the face I have now on my sprite is my favourite "style". 

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