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Hey guys. I used to post here and on Zoggles' community site quite often back in the day, and remember quite a few of you. Pretty neat seeing so many familiar names still around. Since 2006 my interests started taking a dramatic shift more towards the music end of things. I still dig game development and pixel-art, but I'm an awful programmer, and have no budget to hire one. I can produce, master, and release albums quite painlessly, so it's more of a satisfying medium for me.

Anyway, I want to break into freelance work soon, so I figure a good way to do that is get a few game soundtracks under my belt. If you're working on a (preferably small-ish) game that requires a few tunes, shoot me a PM. I really only want to do games that have some chance of being finished and released, so try and keep that in mind.

Much of my stuff is avant-pop and includes influences from old 70's prog rock. That style seeps into my Chip/VG sounding music quite a bit as well... see: for a few examples.

Thanks! :)

Title says it all. I'll add more creatures to the thread as I progress. Almost all of the creatures in the game are docile but I still want them to carry an underlying sinister tone. As if they're all conspiring to sneakily kill you.

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