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Pixel Art / Re: rpg character portraits
« on: June 05, 2008, 09:46:58 am »
Hello there.

My biggest concern is that they all look related  :crazy:

This is mainly because their facial-traits are the same, the nose and the jaw. I see that you have shaped the jaw smaller of some, but I think you can shape it even more. Also the nose should be modified on some, otherwise I think you did a good job considering the small workstation, which leads to the lip question; well it wasn't as easy as I though. I think the lips look good.

Oh and another thing! You could add some facialhair to differ their looks, also maybe some life experiences? (scars, tattoos) and headgear, like a bandana or a cap. Theese are just ideas!  :hehe:

That's a half-orc you're looking at.  :- )

Pixel Art / Re: banner + signature
« on: June 05, 2008, 12:57:46 am »
 I don't know about the background, though. It looks a little boring, is that sand or the sky?

I guess It doesn't matter to much since it's only a banner and signature.

The banner would definatley look better if it was animated (maybe some wind? the mans cape? A scoripon?).

Also it seems as you mirrored one of the images, Not a problem, but the shadings become messed up. I'm not sure, but maybe this works if the light source (the sun) is coming directly from above.

Oh, and the shield. Are you planning to draw some sigiill or guild emblem? That would look better.

Keep up the good work.  :hehe:

Pixel Art / Re: A newcommer & his Introduction Art
« on: May 28, 2008, 10:06:05 pm »
Looking at my picture as it is now, I like it, but you're right, it's not pixelart.

I never used the blurr before, I have loads of art which contains pure manually placed pixels. It's just that, that art is lost due to a hardware crash, I guess I became a little lazy and started to blurr and copy+paste. :'(

Thanks for the welcoming gesture Adam.
And also for the feedback, guys. I know what to avoid and what to think about. :)

However, I'll try to dig up some real pixel-art, I'd be happy if you judged it.

Pixel Art / A newcommer
« on: May 28, 2008, 08:41:42 pm »
- Wake up. Stand up. There you go. You were dreaming. What's your name?

Hey everyone, I'm madf~ and I have come here too seek your knowledge.
(No, I'm not roleplaying, seriously...  :crazy: )

Short about me
* Name: madf.
* Style: Righthanded.
* Does: studying multimedia at a university in Sweden.
* Hobby: Drawing, ModTracking, the demoscene and Playing the piano & guitar.
* Likes: This smiley ->  :crazy:
* Dislikes: Isometric projection.
* Personal Flaw: I'm not sure.   :-\

To sum it up, I'm a sucker for oldskool games and music, I'd choose NES/SNES over xbox & Pony Slaystation anyday.
~Which is how I became intrested in pixels in the first place. I've been drawing for a long time, but have never shared my work with anyone, thus not letting me evolve. Times change, and so do we- so let's make something good of it!

Introducing my art

EDIT: I'm trying to get my harddrive restored, I'll be back with som real pixelation later.

Thank you for your time.
// madf

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