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Pixel Art / Not another fighter sprite...
« on: April 08, 2006, 01:03:51 am »
'fraid so  ;D

I made this originally for the King of Spriters thing in the other topic, it's my first attempt at doing clothing in this style. The guy has no face, not because I like the look but because I can't get it to look right. He either looks to cartoony or retarded, or both. Anyway the hands were a pain too I just gave up in the end ot was annoying me that much.

Anyway if C+C and if you want to have a go at giving him a face, then by all means do, I always welcome edits.

Pixel Art / Basic fighter sprite
« on: April 04, 2006, 01:59:40 pm »
First of all I'm new round here so hello to everyone.

Now onto the sprite, this is basically a rpg fighter sprite for the battle system it intends on using. I tried to keep it as simple as possible with about 3 shades per colour and an outline. Hopefully it'll animate easily in the future this way.

Anyhoo C+C is what I'm here for so anything that'll help me make this one better would be really appreciated I don't mind edits to show me anything either so feel free to do that if you want. The part I'm not sure about are his arms so anything to help me improve those again is definetly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.  :D

[EDIT] Ok, I've redone the arm and he now has an elbow but there still something not right that I can't work out, think I'll have to buy a book on how to draw anatomy heh (Anyone know any decent ones?). I didn't reduce the colours just yet because I'm not 100% certain I'll be using those colours for the final version so it's nice to keep the outline colours seperate if I ever do decide to do that.

Anyway here's the revamp.

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