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Pixel Art / Re: Angelic warrior
« on: April 10, 2007, 07:25:29 pm »
Okay, I did some minor editing based on the feedback here and at Pixel Joint. Yay or nay?

@ eobet: I tried that, but it makes the weapon look very disjointed. Having both a golden color, a silvery color and a copper color on one item looks really weird.

Pixel Art / Re: Angelic warrior
« on: April 09, 2007, 11:53:13 pm »
And now for my only crit: the staircase shading on her right bicep is creating a weird banding effect on my monitor, causing it to lack the same level of smoothness seen in the rest of the piece. I'm not sure exactly how you can fix it, or why it's only occuring in this place (as there are others with similar shading), but I think it would be a shame to leave it unattended.

I see what you mean, and that's one area I've been struggling with. I'm not sure how to fix it either, because it's a rather smooth and tube-like part. With the other arm I had more muscle detail and some reflected light to cling on to. :-[

Okay then, i demand a WIP dump in return for no progress shots! :P

I look forward to seeing you finish the rest of the works in your folder. :y:

I'm going to have to disappoint you guys... the remainder of the WIP pile is 3D related art. *cackles*   :hehe:

Pixel Art / Re: Angelic warrior
« on: April 09, 2007, 11:01:35 pm »
Thank you for your kind words!

.. only crit I can think of is that there's some aliasing around the wings. Did you leave it like that intentionally or did you simply forget the AA?

I was hoping it would add some kind of texture to the wings, instead of oversoftening everything.

seriously, great work, I haven't seen anything from you that had me thinking you needed to redeem yourself, but whatever drives you ;)

You haven't seen my graveyard of unfinished pieces.  :D

i thirst for progress shots.

Unfortunately, I haven't saved any progress shots. I have to remember that for my next piece.  :crazy:

Pixel Art / Re: Angelic warrior
« on: April 09, 2007, 09:19:24 am »
Thanks for the comments, guys!

I tried editing the cloth around her knee. Does this help?

How long did you spend on this?

Do you really want to know?  :D

Nearly a 100 hours.

Yes, I'm insane, not to mention incredibily slow.  :-[

Pixel Art / Re: Angelic warrior
« on: April 08, 2007, 08:48:49 pm »
@ ZoSo: I'm not entirely happy with the weapon, but after several hours of messing around with it, I just gave up.  :crazy:

Pixel Art / Angelic warrior
« on: April 08, 2007, 08:26:30 pm »
Ugh... I always start on a bazillion different pieces, never finishing any of them. But lately I've been trying to redeem myself by going through my HUGE scrapheap of unfinished art, finishing everything that seems worthy, and tossing out everything else. I also promised myself not to start anything new until this is all done, and after that I will only take on one thing at the time. :B

Anyway, this one I actually started a year ago, and I only just decided to finish it.  :crazy:

32 colors

General Discussion / Re: Official Pixelation Off-Topic Thread
« on: March 16, 2007, 06:36:34 pm »
Hey guys! I just wanted to say that I finally found a job as a game artist! This was my first week and so far it went well.  :)

Not doing pixel art though, but lowpoly 3d. Yes, I'm a heretic, I know.  :D

Pixel Art / Re: Kenneth Fejer Inspired 3D Pixel Ship
« on: March 05, 2007, 02:56:49 pm »
You could try Milkshape:

It's very cheap, it supports textures and animation and you can export to many different games. I've used it to make custom Quake 3 characters with.  :)

It's also much, MUCH easier to learn how to use than most other 3d programs, because of the simple toolset. Basically, it has all the tools you need for lowpoly modeling, but without any extras.

Pixel Art / Re: Layout WIP
« on: January 31, 2007, 01:08:57 am »
Thank you so much for the extremely helpful critiques! I knew there was something off with the anatomy, but I hadn't been able to pinpoint it.

Wayuki, I never thought I'd live to say this, but you have anatomical issues.

Well, I don't consider myself an expert on anatomy by any means. I'm one of those silly people who learned to draw by looking at comics.   :crazy:
It's only fairly recently that I've tried to bring more realism into my work, and with a huge piece such as this, it really becomes apparent that I still have a long way to go. But that's also the very reason I'm taking on pieces like this... because I need to learn.

Anyway, looks like I have some major restructuring to do. I'll see what I can do about it tomorrow.  :)

Where did you come from? ;D

From the dolling community. Bwahahaha.  :hehe:


I adjusted the figure. Better?

I decided to keep the hand poses and the straight back leg, because I think changing them would be more of a hassle than it's worth. I wasn't really thinking "belly dancer" when I made it, anyway... more like "fantasy style enchantress".

Pixel Art / Layout WIP (Updated)
« on: January 30, 2007, 04:14:22 pm »
Well, this thing has been gathering dust on my harddrive for a good while. I was planning to add jewellery and some more draped cloth, but I basically got stuck. So... any advise is much appreciated.  :crazy:

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