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XBLIG = Xbox Live Indie Games
It cost only MS 240, so that should be around  3 to 4 USD :y:


Tobe's Vertical Adventure has finally been release on the XBLIG.
Got get a copy today!

Check out Page 1 for the actual comments as this reply is mainly to bump the dead thread

Pixel Art / Re: A small light for you guys in the darkest time of the year!
« on: December 04, 2009, 08:41:30 am »
I love the color scheme, but the composition didn't seems right to me. Or maybe it's because the light and dark can be blended in better. I don't know :)

Pixel Art / Re: Light outside corridor BG ~Outer ruins~ [WIP]
« on: November 20, 2009, 09:52:20 pm »
I'm not sure about this, but I don't think you can get the kinda light effects with a black outline...? The light supposes to be there due to glare, and the idea of having a black line in glaring light didn't seem right in my head. Any takers?

Pixel Art / Re: [C+C] [WIP] Menu Design/Beat-Em-Up Mockup
« on: November 20, 2009, 09:27:05 pm »
Wao, I didn't like what I saw on the first post, but the latest update was great. Maybe because it was enlarge, or the UI, I'm not sure. But it does looks much more stylish. And I always respect those that manage to create beautiful artwork on GBC restriction. That's crazy.

A question I wanna ask though is : Is it necessary to give an idle animation to such small characters? I mean, I'm not suspecting the decision, I'm actually asking because I have no idea myself, lol ???

I think konjak ( works a lot like this, at least it's the kind of critique he often gives - do check his stuff out.

 ...and for some reason, I always thought Konjak is a lady...damn...

Hi Guys, I feel kinda guilty updating the thread since it has been dead for so long.  :-[

The reason of absent is because I've been busy with other aspect of the project (I work on everything other then the programming), and most of them were not pixel art related. But the game is now completed (up for review on XBLIG), and I know there were some of you guys here who likes the project, gave in lots of help, and I didn't want to leave things hanging as it is, especially since pixelation was where I started.

Well, here's the official website now, so I hope those who love it back then would come in to say hi :)

Here are some final artwork screenshot.

Hi again! So I've been MIA for a while now, working hard to finish the game. We're almost there. And here's a actual screenshot and in-game clip


Video(I was using a crappy screen capturing software, so the framerate seems pretty bad)

Hi Guys, sorry I had to leave the thread to die because.....yea, I had to work on the other aspect of the game.

But anyway, thanks a lot for the edit they are extremely useful. Especially the one from PypeBros.
I have to give more thoughts to the ice cube though. But I do like the idea of a fish inside it.

Also, I know its ice, but it's not gonna be slippery because the timeline is too tight for the programmers  :'(

P.S (Teaser is on page 1, but for benefit of those that just click in direct...

Wao, you do hang around here all day huh :)
Glad you like the ice zone. That object there is meant to be a transparent ice cube where the player can push. I had a lot of problems with that, so I guess it's not entirely solved.

Ratloop! Sweet~
Sian Yue(with pizza and cigarettes) is awesome, lol
Do say hi for me.... that and I'm still waiting for his game.

Anyway, I added you to MSN for more non-gay game artist chit chat :)

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