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Hey all!
I'm working on a new piece of software for editing pixel art and I'm almost ready for initial release, but I'd like to get in some extra testing first.

The software is called Pixel Perfect, and it's strongly-palette based, meaning it's easy to switch up and re-palettize your creations simply by changing the color on the current palette, or by swapping out similarly sized palettes. It comes with a number of palettes built-in, but it's easy to make your own as well.

The software's available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.
Let me know you're interested in testing, and on which platform, and I'll send out some links for the current dev build.
I will require some feedback (both positive and negative), and I'd like some screenshots of your artwork that I could use to promote the software. I will, of course, credit the original artist in any promotional materials I use.  :)

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