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Commercial Critique / Re: CC Challenge - Dodonpachi Assembly Line
« on: April 04, 2008, 09:31:28 pm »
I'm working on building a tank around the palette used by the second boss (the big green tank). Right now, I only a a few spare parts and practice pieces though:

Things I've noticed:
  -Very few curves, everything is very angular.
  -Most of the ships and tanks have one little glassy, eye-like cockpit near the middle.
  -The forward facing treads are standard on all vehicles. I mean that all of the tanks with forward facing treads use identical treads.
  -The top faces and certain angles are rimmed with lighter colours, with a few points of the lightest shade on the corners.
  -Small geometric vents are a common detail, appearing on pretty much every ship.
  -There are very few right angles, most angles are closer to 45 degrees.
  -The muzzle for a small, standard bullet generating gun is usually 4 pixels wide.
  -Among the symmetrical ships, the only objects that are not mirrored are the cockpit and large, attention grabbing components (such as the plate on the front of the lime-coloured tank's main cannon).
  -Individual plates rarely, if ever, cast shadows on each other.
  -Stripes either travel straight or at 45 degree angles.

That's all I can think of for now. There's definitely more though.

Pixel Art / Re: Tank
« on: April 04, 2008, 04:58:43 pm »
I like it, but one thing that I'm unsure about is the rounding of the front of the cannon. I know that the tank is going for a more rounded look, but it just doesn't make sense to me. With a tip like that, the muzzle would be saddle-shaped. Squaring it off would fix that.

General Discussion / Re: Introductions
« on: April 04, 2008, 03:48:02 pm »
Hello everybody! My name's Chris and I'm from Ontario.

I'm 18 and taking an extra year of high school while I improve my marks and try to amass some money for university tuition. I've been pixelling as a hobby for a few years and now I'm going to see if I can make a bit of extra money through freelancing work.

There's my intro.

Pixel Art / Re: (wip) Indie Game tiles.
« on: April 04, 2008, 12:13:39 am »
The trees look far better now.

I would say the first thing that you should do at this point is fix the grass. I think that the short grass is good as far as shape is concerned, but it could use another colour or two to give it more dimension. The long grass could also use some more colour variation and it could also use a bit more bend. It's looking a little too mechanical at the moment. Needs to be more organic.

Secondly, the ground below the trees. When JonathanOfDrain was talking about the rocks and the trees, I don't think that he was suggesting that you should remove the rocks from below the tree (or maybe he was, that's just not how I understood it). I have two little issues with what you've done there:
1) The ground texture just sort of falls off. If you are going to remove the rocks under the tree, you could sort of ease into it somehow. Possibly make a ground tile with roots or something? Just an idea. I'm not entirely sure if it would work, but it might be worth a try. That or maybe creating a couple more tiles where the rocks thin out.
2) The grass on top of the blank tile has pieces of rock at the bottom. When I first looked at it, I thought that the roots of the tree were peeking through under the grass.
Personally, I would just put the rocks back under the tree. If you're concerned about the idea of a tree growing in rocks, remember that the tree is a background object and that the ground could be less rocky back there (you just can't see it).

Overall, I quite like it. The rocks look nice. The tree looks nice. The sky will eventually need more detail and the palette may need a tiny bit more fine tuning to make everything look more cohesive, but I like where it's going. Keep up the good work.

Pixel Art / Re: Various sprites of mine
« on: April 03, 2008, 04:07:33 pm »
Be my guest  ;)

Excellent. Thank you very much.

hey, just thought I'd suggest a totally functional and useable pixelart app, that will allow you to loop animations and much more

This is just what I've been looking for! Thanks. Until now, all I've had is the internal animator in Game Maker.

The "furry" thing isnt looking furry at all, all the dithering doesnt help get a sense of fur. I would suggest you shape individual strands of hair and use far less contrasted shades.

I was actually going for a shag carpet sort of fuzziness. Not exactly long hair, so I'm not sure about the strands thing. Suggestions?

It gets offset one pixel during the animation. I'm not sure which frame but it's pretty destracting.

I'd completely forgotten that it did that when I posted it. That is on my "to fix" list.

Hey guys this might be a bit off topic but I love the look of your guys sprites but what i would like to know is what program u use for this. I sometimes make sprites on paint but they look horrible

I actually use MS Paint as well. I like it because it's simple, the interface is very uncluttered, and it takes virtually no time to start up. I haven't seen any of your sprites, so I can't really comment on them, but it's all about practice and an eye for detail. Probably most of the people on this site have been doing this sort of thing for years (about 5 in my case).

2D & 3D / Re: Official OT-Creativity Thread 2
« on: April 02, 2008, 05:01:31 pm »
A tank I drew after a friend and I marathon'd our way through all 6 Metal Slug games:

Something that would probably eat your face, given the chance:

Pac-man channelling the spirit of an evil Howie Mandel (that's what it reminds me of, anyway):

Pixel Art / Re: Various sprites of mine
« on: April 02, 2008, 04:28:04 pm »
Thanks for all of the feedback so far.

If I had to level a criticism, I'd say that your iso tiles are a bit weak in comparison to the rest.

I agree actually. I guess I just don't get much isometric practice because I usually prefer doing non-isometric work.

The dark, orange-outlined golem-type guy is awesome! :D

Thanks! I knew that I wanted to make a big, half-silohuetted creature with trees and whatnot growing on its back but it was originally going to a quadrapedal thing with big teeth. After I finished the rough body shape, I realized that it looked sort of like a hand (with the teeth as the fingers), so I rotated it 90 degrees and drew the rest of the image outward from the hand. Its funny how things like that happen.

Very nice  :y: I quite like the robot, so I did an edit:

I really like the edit, specifically the perspictive fix on the far eye. However, although I do think that I should probably up the contrast I would consider the contrast in yours just a little higher than I would like. Also, the near eye doesn't seem quite as round anymore (Although it probably would sit on the ground better like that). The dark band between the two bands of light was originally supposed to be a stylized sort of shading or reflection or something (I'm not entirely sure, it just looked good to me), but I think that I may like you adjusted shading as much or even more. Thanks alot for the suggestions.

the black monster thing with the orange outlines is awesome, looks like and enemy in drawn to life (A really weird and strangely awesome game for the DS)

the furry thing with the tounge is sweet, id love to see an animation of that.

I've heard of "Drawn to Life" but I've never actually played it before.
As far as the furry thing goes, I actually did make a quick animation but it really only consists of his eyes glowing and his upper part bobbing up and down.

I've decided to post the animation of the little blue thing firing its laser after all. The animation doesn't loop, unfortunately, so you'll either have to download it or keep refreshing the page if you want to see it.

If someone could make it loop and repost it, I would be indebted to you. I need a new .gif animator.

Pixel Art / Various sprites of mine
« on: April 01, 2008, 05:02:29 pm »
Hi everyone! My name's Chris. I was on Pixelation four years ago, but when the site moved I couldn't seem to find it again. Until now.

So here, as an introduction (re-introduction?), I have a random and highly unorganized smattering of a few sprites that I have produced in the past while.
Some are a few years old, some are new, some took a few minutes, some took a few hours. Here it is:

Specific notes:
   -I believe that the blue dragon thing was actually my avatar on the old Pixelation.
   -Yes, the domed tank was Metal Slug inspired. No, the shading was never finished.
   -The little balding head above and to the left of the manta-thing is the newest (I did it in a few minutes last night after discovering this site)
   -The two newest relatively sizable creations would be the furry thing with the tongue and the sea monster tentacle.
   -I have an animation of the blue robot at the top firing the laser like at bottom, but until I get a less crappy animator that actually allows me to loop animations, I not going to bother posting it.

So, all that having been said, comment and critique away. I'd love to here what you all have to say (and I know how brutally honest you can be).

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