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Hello, I'm a college student working on a html5/mobile game,
I'm currently in need of some sprites that will help me develop the game further,(temp sprites are only good to a certain point).

About the game:
The game is currently nameless but does have a project name.

Theme: fantasy mixed with a little steampunk.
Genre: Scrolling shoot'em up.
Perspective: Top-Down

About the job:
As i'm still a student I do not have acces to large amount of money I can spend on salary that's why
I hope to find someone willing to work in batches until the budget for said batch runs out.

Current starting budget: 50$.
Example Batch One sprites:
  • Player character: fantasy/steampunk themed top-down ship (a little animation if within budget) 64x32
  • tiles: if within budget.
Payment: Paypal or bank-transfer.
You get paid after each completed batch!

For anyone interested please post your contact information & profile and i'll reach out to you.
Once we've made contact i'll share more details.

I hope I can find someone willing to work with me.

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