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Job offers / [PAID] Seeking artist for 2D Platformer
« on: April 02, 2017, 06:58:56 am »
Short Version:  Pixel artist required for paid work, hobbyist platformer project with loose deadlines.  See bullets 4 and 5 for assets and artist requirements.  PM me or link your portfolio if interested. 

I値l be blunt about myself here:  I am a scientist during the day and an amateur game developer at night.  I have no grandiose delusions that I知 going to change the world or become an internet sensation with any game I make.  I just want to make a platformer that is fun and has some nice art, and I would like to pay proper, industry-competitive rates to an artist in order to achieve my goal.  :)  I am working with the assumption of no revenue (I知 an amateur but not an idiot), so I壇 aim for actual cash payment to you either by hour or piece/portion rates (let痴 discuss!) to ensure that you get fair compensation.

1.    Individual representing and offering employment:  Me.  I知 not putting my real name here in a post, but I値l of course provide it for the contract!  I知 not a company and do not represent one.

2.   Project Title:  Currently untitled 2D platformer game.

3.   Description of Project:  2D side-scrolling platform game generated using Game Maker Studio 1.4 with intent for distribution to PC platform only.  Whether the game is released as a free hobby project or a paid purchase on Steam or Itch.IO / etc is TBD.  Project is a mostly linear storyline with a few plot branches and minor 溺etroidvania exploration options.  There are three endings, each of which adheres relatively closely to the general plot.  I知 trying to avoid scope creep. 

The game uses tilesheet multiples of 32x32 at a playable-area resolution of 640x480.  I have no palette restrictions.  I壇 ideally like to keep things in multiples of 16 for sizing, with 礎ase tiles at either 32x32 or 64x64 for large ones.  Deco and details can vary as long as I can keep them reasonably close to 16px multiples (16x16, 16x32, 48x64, etc).  Background components per area may be anywhere from 128x128 to 640x480 depending on area theme, and complexity may vary.

The engine is as close to feature-complete as it can be at this point.  It痴 time for me to start building actual level content now and getting an artist on board.

4.   Assets Desired:  I知 looking for pixel art for tilesets, deco and character animations.  Current estimate puts tilesets at 8-10 areas (total sets may vary depending on tile re-use, recoloring, etc) a pretty significant amount of character, enemy, and larger boss sprites.  Minor characters and enemies have between 2-5 frames of total pixeling depending on their complexity.  For major character/enemy animations, most components have 2-3 frames.  Simplicity in style is fine with me as long as it fits. :)  Example again, Cave Story痴 sprite animations.  They池e super simple, they池e often rotations, flips, modifications or recolors of other assets, and nobody cares one iota because they just plain work.  Deco objects associated with tilesheets may vary depending on how you incorporate them into your work.  We can discuss, but you池e the art expert after all.  Weapon, projectile, item, GUI, etc are also desired.  Recolors or modifications of other assets produced for this game are fine where appropriate.  I can put together a full (as best I have it right now) asset list at your convenience.  Let痴 throw a preliminary estimate of ~60-120 additional assets to cover that stuff.  More likely closer to the higher end. 

5.   Talent / Position Requirements:  The artist needs to be able to produce simple, nice-looking tilesheets, backgrounds and characters.  The artist needs to be able to handle simple (2-3 frames, maybe 4 tops) animations for the characters, depending on the pose / action / importance of the character or object.  The artist ideally will ideally consult with me on developing the feel / aesthetic of the game within the scope of his art style. I don稚 want to hand you a list of assets and then say 登h but that痴 not what I imagined because that痴 just stupid and a waste of your time.  Let痴 work through things up front and develop the art style / expectations together so that your creativity can shine.  I知 a hobbyist and most likely an inexperienced idiot in all sorts of ways悠知 hiring you for your help to make the game beautiful because I can稚 do it myself.  I知 willing to listen to ideas. :)

Artist needs to communicate.  I知 not expecting you to be at my beck and call, but if you池e going to disappear for a while, please have the courtesy to let me know so I知 not sitting there wondering what happened to you.  I値l provide the same courtesy whenever my company sends me overseas as well so you know if I知 going to be tough to reach.  Really though, in the age of e-mail, a quick 塗ey, I値l get back to you ASAP give me 3-4 days isn稚 much to ask for! :)

Deadlines:  Slowly but steadily is good enough for me.  I don稚 have a strict deadline because I知 not a professional developer, so I知 not asking any hard deadlines of my artist.  As long as we keep talking to each other and get the art made at a steady pace, that痴 fine.  You have a life and I知 not your full-time employer, so I値l be reasonable! :)

6.   Payment:  Negotiated contract, no expectation of revenue sharing.  In alignment with forum expectations, I知 definitely willing to pay at least $15 an hour or higher based on your experience, skill, or other negotiations.  My wife (a children痴 book illustrator) would murder me if I tried to shortchange an artist. :)  PM me and let痴 talk!

7.   Contact Information:  PM me here for now.  I値l provide outside contact info as required.

8.   Position is not local-only. 

If you're interested, send me a PM or post a reply with a link to your portfolio or past projects.  (No, I will NOT ask you to make anything as part of selection process.  Spec work can go shove it.)

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