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General Discussion / Re: Community updates
« on: August 11, 2018, 05:35:38 am »
From my perspective Pixelation has completely lost touch with reality. The Discord and before that the Slack kept the forum alive, without it Pixelation would have died long ago.

I think the slack killed Pixelation by siphoning off the activity and losing the very precious momentum of good will and thoughtful time spent giving back to the community. I remember waking up some.... Most mornings excited to check what had been said in a thread discussing theories and such that I could learn from immediately and continue the discussion or apply to artwork. In the real time chats it felt like a stream of constant negativity and posturing where nothing was gained. Community? Sure! But Pixelation should always put learning above having a comfy place to air one's laundry.

Most of the effort units of our members went into the slack/discord community and slowly became it's own thing. It was a mistake, but it gives the opportunity to try something new - the momentum has stopped, and now we can try a different design. This is something indigo had been wanting to do for years, now we have the chance. If it fails like you think, that's fine too! We will try something new.

Really, after years of people almost exclusively using real time chats and not caring for the forum, it's odd that suddenly the name and idea of Pixelation means something only when it's lost to them. Its just a name, the discord community is untouched.

All that's changed is we don't have the discord to pretend like Pixelation isn't already nearly without a pulse.

All this to say, I'm glad you care so much about Pixelation to be upset, Beast, but I hope that you can see how the discord community wasn't Pixelation. If people leave because they weren't really interested in Pixelation, but rather the Discord community, that should be seen as a good thing! I hope everyone is where they are most happy.

As for the number and appointment of mods, it's about developing Pixelation in the best direction we can. We needed new perspectives, and we needed old ones. What was going on was clearly not working. The manpower right now is working at what form Pixelation will take in the future, it is of course going to take a lot of effort, so we need many hands with many skills.

General Discussion / Re: Community updates
« on: August 10, 2018, 07:45:35 pm »
It's nice that we're open to a shift onto a moder modern format. I just want to bring up that it would be a shame to lose the amazing knowledge and wonderful critiques that have been built up here over the years. Old critique threads are worth archiving as a wonderful read -- often more useful than many tutorials.

Whatever direction you choose to take, I would hope that an archive of this site's tremendous library of pixel critique and knowledge is a top priority.


Echoing Kiana because she ninja'd me:

I do think entering archival mode once the new implementation is running also requires the creation of a pixel art wiki that pulls information and examples from the forum and elsewhere. That will eventually become a much more efficient replacement for the utility of the forum. Wiki is a much better format for this and it's been discussed years ago in prior 'future of pixelation' threads iirc.

I think the utility will be way higher when you can wikiwalk any terms in an article and get the full breadth of information without direct user involvement leaving people stranded and hopeless. It also encourages people accross communities to add their knowledge without the barrier that precedes being a regular, etc. Terms could potentially be automatically picked up and linked in mastodon posts to lead to the wiki articles they correspond to.

Doing this will amplify the strengths of pixelation - knowledge and theory and documentation on the wiki, and engaging real time responses for art critique and discussion on the mastodon - which would feed back into the wiki as concepts are discussed, especially if terms link to the wiki every time they appear. Wikis also have discussion pages, which I believe is a lot more efficient than having nebulous discussions that branch in too many directions.

Ultimately I think pixelation as a website would serve the world better if it was a resource people from all communities felt they could access and benefit directly from. A local community will be present in any space, but it's my belief that the more temporal nature of mastodon will encourage people to feel they are entering conversations on the same level as everyone else.

General Discussion / Re: What software do most pixel artists use?
« on: July 27, 2018, 01:10:44 pm »
Graphics Gale - great straightforward workflow for animation, good palette editor. well rounded
Aseprite - the most popular and feature rich pixel art editor, frequent and active development and support
Pyxel Edit - great for working on tiles, can place tiles and editing one edits all on the canvas
Photoshop - best for advanced editing features, blend modes, adjustment layers, smart objects,clipping masks, etc
Pro Motion - arcane and ancient magick

Challenges & Activities / Re: The Daily Sketch
« on: July 26, 2018, 10:16:58 am »
blueprint i edited the post for you, but you need to right click the image and copy the image address, then paste into the image tags, not the imgur album url itself

2D & 3D / Re: Official OT-Creativity Thread 2
« on: July 22, 2018, 02:36:46 pm »
Wanna let you know that I really love all of these pistachio, it's inspiring me to get back into 3d.

Curious how they all look as a scene, have you thought about doing a background like wall and floorboard tiles for them?

did this witch kid drawing recently, since i never polish any lineart

General Discussion / Re: Official Off-Topic Thread 2017
« on: June 19, 2017, 04:50:20 pm »
Graphics Gale is freeware as of yesterday. :)

edit: oh whoops someone already posted about it:

Challenges & Activities / Re: The Daily Sketch
« on: May 30, 2017, 06:05:49 pm »
kinda drunk bar drawings

Challenges & Activities / Re: The Daily Sketch
« on: May 29, 2017, 06:58:38 pm »
had some coffee and strawberry rhubarb crumble in the cafe w/ a friend and drew some ppl this mornin

Challenges & Activities / Re: The Daily Sketch
« on: April 25, 2017, 07:51:22 am »

drew a friend at a bar

Challenges & Activities / Re: The Daily Sketch
« on: April 18, 2017, 02:36:50 pm »

no lats but fuk off

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