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Unpaid Work / [PAID] Shoot em up 16 bit Megadrive style
« on: March 11, 2017, 11:23:51 am »
I'm looking for a pixel artist and designer sprites
For a long time I'm thinking to develop videogames , this project is the most feasible to begin as a society indie and while meeting of my personal tastes

My Project started from about 2 months ago
but thanks to the programmer we have outlined some the game design and realized some sprites
The game is a vertical shooter with ships in sea... will be very similar to an arcade shooter neo geo with megadrive /snes graphics, but we hope to get a big graphic impact with many explosions !!

I don't ask a lot of experience, but really want to experiment
payments will be made once we have the funds available
but even before,if you have a lot of will to do and talent

You can contact me for more info via PM or email

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