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tldr: need help for my survey

Survey link here

Hi guys, I'm actually new here. So I'm currently pursuing my degree in software engineering and are expected to graduate later this year. As the title says, I'm working on a procedural sprite generator as my final year project and I need help for filling my survey.

In case anyone is wondering what exactly I'm working on and whatnot, I'm going to answer them in the form of Q&A

What is your survey about?
Very general stuff actually, like project specification and obstacles when making pixel art. There are a few questions which are related to procedural generation, but it's not really technical and shouldn't be too hard.

What is your project about
Something similar to this sprite generator but moooore. The whole idea for my project is to build an interface for that, in the form of sprite editor. So instead of placing numbers, you would draw it just like a normal pixel art using different colours. The colours will then be used to tell the script which area to fill, avoid or randomized. I may throw in additional features like sprite evolution and component randomization (ie. create 4 designs of "head" on different layer and group them together, the script will then choose one design of head out of the 4)

So it's pretty much a sprite editor with some bells and whistles.

Why this project tho
To be honest, I couldn't find or come up with anything good as my final year project. We only got 3-4 actual months to work on it, so it had to be simple yet good enough as a final year project. Since I love arts and designs, I went with this. I'm well aware that this project has very little to no use at all, apart from the 3 minutes of "oh cool" moment when you first play with it. But hey, at least I enjoy working on this project.

Are you going to release your project to public
You can find it on github. But I highly doubt you will want to use this for any serious works. Note: I'm still working on it, so don't expect it to work fine.

If this is a wrong place to post this, I apologize. And if anyone actually read or fills in the survey for me, thank you for your time!

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