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First off: Holy crap. Beautiful palette, nice use of it and wonderfully made overall. I really enjoy what you did with the eyes, it's exactly the kind of dead dark circles I was hoping for. Just a few things are off or could be improved, for example the light purple being used to aa the outline to the background isn't doing anything. It doesn't smooth anything, and I'd say you've have better luck with just removing it. You could've cut into the lines a bit with aa to get them to look less chunky, like on the shoulder in the shadow. Overall though, it's really great to look at. Loving the mood of it.

I put the purple for the AA because was the closest color. Then I look at it and I thought: "or it makes a slightly difference or simply makes nothing, so why not keep it anyway, nobody will see it".

Now I realize that would be easier if I just added another color for the AA. So here is how it looks now:

And here is a version with what I think you would have done with his eyes:

I made some experiments with dittering on this one and also tried to apply somethings that I learned about coloring from Dhaos and Helm.

Lineart by Blick

C+C please

Pixel Art / Re: Kern Trooper
« on: March 22, 2006, 09:50:55 pm »
Here you have a brief description of the term pillow shading:

So, pillow shading is when you shade following the outline towards the center. When you do this you get a strange effect that make your pixel art looks "fluffy". This happens because the shades doesn't have a well deffined light source.

Here is my entry.


less contrast

I rush to finish this before the deadline. I'm not totally ok with the result. If I had more time I would fix some things and change the palette a bit.  :-\

39 tiles and 32 colors

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