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I had the same experience with Idrisboy,
I made several versions of the sprite before I got stuck I didn't understand he just wanted a copy of his examples he was expecting.
but it's normal to have to try several times before that work, it's part of the process

Anyway what is sure is that there is a certain lack of respect and blocking the person without even saying goodbye should not take place, here I have confidence in my abilities so I knew I could do it, I even redid a test that I could not show him because he blocked me before.

I don't think that with this behaviour you get very far in creating your game.

This is all true. You created several examples, we both know it didn't match what I was looking for. So I said the job isn't for you. I said in the original post I'm very strict about this style because it's my money! I'm the one offering a job! I didn't mean to come off as disrespectful I was just really busy I had 30 other pixel artists messaging me about the position. If anything you guys can complain that maybe you wasted time, but you guys knew what you were getting into when you read my post.

I'm trying to protect my fellow artists and friends from people like you.

Here I'll make it simple for you to understand.

- You made a misleading post saying PAID.
- You told me how many artists made a sample but weren't accepted. (Robbing them of their time/pay).
- I ask if it's paid, just to confirm. (before wasting my time on free work)
- You laugh, mock, then block before I can respond.

Webster's definition of scammer:  a person who commits or participates in a fraudulent scheme or operation

P.S. Editing your original post to include "unpaid sample" after scamming multiple people out of money doesn't protect you from backlash

Not sure why you keep going back and forth but it looks you have a lot of time on your hands. So this will probably be the last reply I make to you.

1.Post isn't misleading at all, you just can't read properly. The position is paid. But it seems like you want me to pay everyone who made wrong examples of the style.
2.Not robbing anyone you assumed you got paid for making examples cause you're broke and money hungry. I never stated I was paying anyone for making examples of the style. In the original post before the edit I said "We need to make sure you can adapt to the style so we need a test sprite". Where does it say I'm paying each person for an example.
3.Ok, and I told you it wasn't paid, and you replied with "lol". What about it?
4. So basically you're angry cause I removed you from my friend list cause I decided not to work with you. We only talked for 20 minutes, and you're throwing a rampage spreading false rumors. That's really sad.

So because of all this I'm a scammer it seems.

I'm a scammer

Wow you're really trying to make me look like the bad guy huh lmao.

Wrong. The first and only time you said it was unpaid was the last message you sent then followed up with blocking. Keep crying for mods, you're a scammer and a douchebag. I don't apologize for anything I've said, I wish toxic people like you would do something else and stop poisoning the well.

You wanna slander my name so bad because you didn't get the job it's really sad. You literally have a screenshot of me saying it's not paid. Then you to decide to post it on here to prove what exactly? I saved us both time and decided I didn't want to work on you? So I'll ask you again what are you angry about? So I'm a scammer because I didn't want to work with you? Make it make sense you look super ignorant right now. You've just been calling me names this whole time. You're proving nothing. We never worked or anything. So I'll ask you one last time what are you angry about?

The addition of  the red "fuck off" was to show you had already blocked me before I could respond. I was friendly as hell the whole time. I'll upload our entire convo to prove it, idgaf. So you can cut that shit out trying to slander me.

I truly don't give a damn about being anyone's friend or adhering to your boomer vision of what a professional is. Im here to make pixels, I'll do a good job and put all my effort into it. The only unprofessional person here is you. Bye bye.

Edit: Glad you finally added (unpaid) example to your post. But at this point I wouldn't work for you if you paid $1,000/hr. I don't trust people who act like you do.

Here's a prime example of someone angry cause they want me to pay them for an example. It looks like I gotta be extra specific so slow guys like this don't add me. I told you the example was  unapid though in our dms anyway. Not sure why you're raging on my post though? What exactly are you angry about?

Lol he continues to make false rumors, even though we only engaged in conversation, and never worked. Where are the mods at.


Also this guy I asked him to create an example in the style we wanted. He obviously didn't wanna do it cause it wasn't paid. He was also being aggressive like that the whole entire time we was chatting so I just removed him off my friend list. These pixel artists are really unprofessional. He even screenshoted himself saying "Fuck Off" at the end lol.

Yeah I didn't keep the receipts from my discord chat with him but this guy is for sure a scammer.

I was dumb enough to do a free sample for him and he told me it wasn't even close. After I asked him to be more specific he started to go off on me. He never intended to pay anyone, and if you do work for him he just  keeps moving the goalpost.

The fact you're lying like this is so crazy. Can you add me back on discord so I can expose you? I literally told you the style didn't match the style. BECAUSE IT DIDN'T. I told you Bass looks way too modern. He's literally twice the size as the mega man we showed you in the example. Because you didn't follow instructions you got an attitude and removed me off your friend list. I never gave you the job, and I never asked you to make another example so what goalpost did I move? Where's the mods on this thing. Cause the fact you're going around spreading false rumors when none of you actually got the position is crazy.

So I apparently everyone is calling me a scammer because I ask them to create one example of the style I want before I give them the position. How is that scamming when I obviously state  in the post that if you can't adapt to the style then you can't help me at all with my game?

Bump. Still searching.

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Sent you a PM.

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