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cheers for the help ptoing... recognise the style? ;)

I fudged the hands a bit... could do with a bit of a touch up. but overall I'm quite happy with that... not bad for 40 minutes?

I'll knock up an ISO/Boktai One later when I get a chance... although strictly speakling these old skool animated characters don't necessarily suit the iso format as they were designed to work 3/4 side on view... (easier to animate on those groovy old lightboxes [which reminds me... I wonder where I put mine?] hey ho!) Somewhere in this thread Adam comments that someone's sprite didn't work in silhohette... I'd like to say he's absolutley correct, particularly when it comes to animation... one has to be able to read the image regardless of the detail thats contained within it, there's also the notion of "negative space" the areas outside the image. Too much of one and not enough of the other and the graphic lose's that vital element. There's also the concept of mass and weight within those spaces, something an old colleague of mine who worked on the roger rabbit movie kept drumming into me... but it's very true... I'm getting off the point a bit here...

There's some great work demonstrated in these forums, and I for one I'm glad to see the art of the pixel isn't quite dead yet... long live the pixel pusher!

Anyway... enough diatribe from me. At some point I'm gonna do a proper introduction to everyone... when I get a chance...  is there anywhere on this forum where one can do that?




The character popeye shown against different intensities of background color.

I hope you like it?

Oh... and before some says something... I know he should be smaller in the frame for the scope of the animated sequences... generally speaking I always do quick first pass on an idle that's usually bigger to get a feel for the character... then I'll do a modified scaled version based on what I've learn't.... call me weird but old habit die hard.

I'll get round to reducing him in scale soon.

Woh... Double Dragon... blast fromn the past... Wigfod!!!

I did this on the spectrum back in 87... ha ha haah...

I'm gonna give this a whirl even though comps over...

may as well... got nowt better to do...

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