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"What's with the 16x16 tiles? GBA has 8x8 tiles natively and i am pretty sure you can flip horizontally and vertically and it's still the same tile, no matter how you flip it (noflip / x / y / x,y = same tile). You can not rotate tho. and why only 10 palettes and not the full 16? I guess reserve for hud or something? Could you clarify?"

When we build levels, we do so with 8x8 tiles but 16x16 matrixes. Level building is done in 16x16's not 8x8s. Horizontal flips do not eat up additional tiles, but vertical do - that's GBA. As for the 10 pallette rows, that's just the number I decided on.

I just checked the AGB documents (official Nintendo guide to GBA Specs) and tiles CAN be flipped BOTH horizontal and vertical unless you use background modes which allow rotation and scaling, in which case you can not flip tiles at all.

This only horizontal flip thing is simply not true, whoever told you that is talking out of their ass.

And personally i think limiting yourself to 16x16 tiles when in the end it will be 8x8 tiles is a bit silly.


4 8x8 tiles. Using hv flipping i made 12 16x16 tiles and there are way more possibilities. Calling this 12 tiles is silly because the gba handles them as 4 tiles and not 12. Using your restrictions you are not using the possibilities of your tiles to the fullest.

If the restriction is just to test how artists can cope with them i guess it's ok, but using stuff that makes sense for the platform you work on would make more sense imo.

I totally agree with ptoing here... I was gonna mention about horizontal AND verticle flips... but I guess ptoings already said it...

good lord sven...  still not finished this yet? sheesh...

Pixel Art / Re: Hi there - some of my material for you to check out.
« on: March 15, 2006, 08:11:31 pm »
cheers thanx ;)

Pixel Art / Re: Hi there - some of my material for you to check out.
« on: March 15, 2006, 05:25:47 pm »

These frame per chance?

What happened was, after we finished doing magicland dizzy i think it was, the olivers asked us to come up with a new dizzy adventure... in my infinite wisdom I set in hollywood... the ollies liked it at first but then decided not to run with dizzy in hollywood... and at the same time I'd been messing around with this here character... so we decided to name him seymour and whack him in his own adventure... et voila... seymour goes to hollywood was born...

We ended up doing Dizzy Spellbund I think after that...


anyway... I'm off to the gym... be back later.

Pixel Art / Re: Hi there - some of my material for you to check out.
« on: March 15, 2006, 05:13:57 pm »
well if you're interested I'll find the seymour sprites... I got them knocking around somewhere... According to AMIGA power... they said of the character seymour that... "anyone with a grin that manic has to be the SPAWN of satan" - so I guess that makes me Satan?

Funny... the character started up as me playing around with phonemes and trying to get lip synching going on with the dialogue boxes from the dizzy games... I can't remember if we ever kept the talking frames in the game?

I'll have a scoot about and post em shortly...

Pixel Art / Re: Hi there - some of my material for you to check out.
« on: March 15, 2006, 05:01:40 pm »
Here's a list of the stuff I can remember for you.

- Double Dragon 2      - Spectrum (virgin)             - Artwork
- Raster runner       - Spectrum/Amstrad (Mastertronic)       - Design/Artwork
- Kamikaze         - Spectrum (Codemasters)          - Artwork
- Magicland Dizzy       - Spectrum/Amstrad (Codemasters)       - Artwork
- Wacky Darts          - Spectrum, Amstrad, Amiga, ST (Codemasters)   - Design, Artwork
- Panic Dizzy         - Spectrum, Amstrad, C-64 (Codemasters)      - Design, Artwork
- Seymour goes to Hollywood    - Spectrum, Amstrad, C-64 (Codemasters)    -Design, Art & Co-Produced
- Dizzy, Prince of the yolkfolk - Spectrum, Amstrad, C-64 (Codemasters)    - Design, Art & Co-Produced
- Spellbound Dizzy      - Spectrum, Amstrad, C-64 (Codemasters)      - Design, Art & Co-Produced
- Panic Dizzy         - Spectrum, Amstrad, C-64 (Codemasters)      - Design, Art & Co-Produced
- Steg the Slug         - Spectrum, Amstrad, C-64 (Codemasters)      - Design, Art & Co-Produced
- Supa Seymour Saves the Planet - Spectrum, Amstrad, C64, Amiga, ST      - Game Design and Co-Produced
- CJ's Elephant Antics      - Spectrum (codemasters)         - Artwork
- CJ in the USA         - SPectrum (codemasters)         - Design & Art
- Wildwest Seymour      - Spectrum, Amstrad, C-64    - Game Design, Artwork and Co-Produced
- Captain Dynamo      - Spectrum, Amstrad, C-64   - Graphic Design
- Game Genie         - Game Gear & Game Boy      - Graphics
- Micro Machines       - Gameboy DMG         - Graphics Conversion
- Micro Machines 2       - Megadrive          - Graphics
- CJ's Elephant Antics      - Game Gear         - Graphics, Design and Production
- Dropzone         - Game Gear         - Graphics Conversion
- Actua Soccer
- Carmageddon
- Tom & Jerry      - Conspiracy Entertainment
- Uno         - Hotgen / Mattel Interactive
- Barbie Pet Rescue    - Mattel Interactive
- The Land Before Time   - Conspiracy Entertainment / Universal
- Flintstones: burgertime in bedrock - conspiracy/universal
- Techdeck Skateboarding         - handheld games
- Animaniacs      - Conspiracy Entertainment / Warner Bros
- Dave Mirra BMX 2   - Acclaim US
- Agressive Inline   - Acclaim US
- Punch King      - Acclaim US
- Dave Mirra BMX 3   - Acclaim US
- Beyblades: V-Force   - Atari / Nelvana
- Freekstyle      - DSI/Electronic Arts
- Justice League   - Midway / Warner Bros
- Pac-Man World 1   - DSI / Namco
- Ms.Pacman Maze Madness- DSI / Namco
- Monopoly      - DSI / Hasbro
- Sim City      - DSI / Maxxis
- Beyblades: G-Rev   - Atari / Nelvana
- Pac-Man World 2   - DSI / Namco
- Backyard Skating   - Atari / Humungous Entertainment

Pixel Art / Re: Animations
« on: March 15, 2006, 03:48:29 pm »
Xion, These animations are excellent. Particularly the spider tank. The motion on legs is great. The movement on the head is great. The colors ae great.

you may want to try bumping the back end of the body up or down as it's looking a little too rigid... maybe that's the effect you;re going for though...

I've just bodged it a bit... to give u an idea...

Pixel Art / Hi there - some of my material for you to check out.
« on: March 15, 2006, 02:07:28 pm »
Hi all

Just thought I'd introduce myself to the forum as I joined up yesterday after a long absence away from the scene.

Been making graphics now for games since the early days of the home computer market back in the 80's...

anyone remember this little chap?

This is a 32 frame rotation graphic for a game called SLIX that never actually made it to completion... needless to say it was on the AMIGA and was essentially an updated version of Super Sprint, in isometric. Took a while to create this rotation as it was all done by hand, back in the days before 3d rendering packages.

I was involved with a GBA version of an animaniacs game that I don't know if ever made it to the shelves or not? This animation of YACKO was originally pencilled on animation paper prior to scanning, coloring, scaling and final touch ups. The original pencil work was mostly provided by a colleague who was an ex disney animator and pulled into GBA format and constraints by myself. It's an interesting way of working, more time consuming perhaps than working direct to screen but the end results tend to look a little more fluid IMO.

Last year, I finished work on Pacman World 2 for the GBA; shown here are three versions of the little chap. The first one is the initial character as taken from Pacman world 1 - where everything was rendered - Yack! He loses somewhat in terms of character, clarity and definition... The second version is after he was touched up for use in Pacman world 2. It was decided that he was too large on screen so we reduced him in scale. The Third one is the final scaled version that was used in the game.  (thanks to PTOING for taking the original base template sequences provided by me and working the rest of the animations up to completion... there were a LOT of sequences)

These are a few anims taken from a CGB version of UNO back in 1999... these sequences appeared when you drew (or played) the Wild Draw, Draw 4, or Boomerang cards...

I don't think these chaps need much introduction... suffise to say it was for a GBA game... (less said of which the better)

Here's some Avatars from a Game from 1998 Called :ACM 1914 - never really went anywhere in terms of sales, it was 3D flying game on the PC set at the dawn of flight, all biplanes and barrage balloons... Was rather pleased with these chaps, There was 12 of them originally... brits, yanks, german and french pilots...  unfortunatly I've only got 3 left... 2 German Pilots, and 1 American... can you guess which is which?

16 colors, 64x64

This was my Rim lighting period. Nice effect - inspired by Dan Malone's work on Chaos Engine.

Anyway that's enough for now... I daresay I'll add some more material at some point. Feel Free to comment.



Ok... sorted the hands out now... added wisp of smoke from pipe... and slight mod on the left leg and crotch area.

- with transparency - on black - on grey - on white
- on broken colour

Thanks for the comments Turbo.  ;) and yes, I do know some stuff. I specialise in cartoony style character art and animation. Done my fair share of games proffessionally, I'm currently out of work and brushing up my skills having been a producer for the last 6 years. not to say I haven't been pushing pixels - just less than I used to.



Ok... here's the slightly reduced version of Popeye... should be enough space in the frame for him to move around.

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