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General Discussion / Re: Favorite Non-pixel Art
« on: March 21, 2006, 10:38:38 am »
Chuck close is my favorite artist of all time.

- Airbrush

- hand painted

- fingerprints

All of his works are gigantic too. His work changed to that gridded style you see in the second one after he was paralyzed from the neck down. After years of training, he gained the ability to move his left arm. Not the hand, but the arm. So he attached a brush to his arm, and started painting again. And honestly, i like his newer works alot more than the older:

I concur Chuck close is amazing... particularly in the flesh (so to speak)

Pixel Art / Re: learning by doing - pixelART logo
« on: March 20, 2006, 03:29:21 pm »
hey there blackeye...!

Good choice of pallette sir.

Love the background on the 2nd image... nice style choice using (essentially) chunky 2x2 pixels - I like that... nice touch. You're right though... it isn't round... pity.

Also I'd say you've not quite got the reflection on the rim lighting  quite right... if you look at my avatar you'll see that it's blending from the blue light into black toward the center of the face... perhaps you could consider something similar on the way you're applying the rim lighting on the logo?

The first one is weaker for me... not sure about the border? And If I were you, based on the technique you've used so well in the 2nd one... I'd suggest perhaps making more of the purpley/blue blobs fall from the logo itself... perhaps more emphasis.... I dunno... maybe not? The other thing I'd suggest too is the starburst effect you have as the arcing electricity is hitting the logo... I think you could emphasise that ALOT more... give it more POWER - perhaps drop the logo a bit, increase the length of the intial shock graphic, and make the impact bigger?

Just a thought or two... all in all though... good stuff!

Pixel Art / Re: Flying troll?
« on: March 20, 2006, 03:16:40 pm »
tis beaut...

nice touches on the hair... capturing the flow nicely.
Great limited pallette used creatively.

Good use of dither and AA.


I like this one better. He has a "I wanna punch someone" attitute.
While the other (open hands) is more like a wrestler.

You know something... I'm inclined to agree with you...
I noticed you changed the design for the walk cycle,
it's great but I still prefer the other one.

yeah I simplifiied the button configuration on his torso to make it easier to read (as well as animate) - plus I fattened his legs up as a bid to make him more like the images I was seeing off popeye all over the web (he seems to be very bottom heavy) - I also 'made more' of the peak of the hat too as I felt this wasn't present previously - and finally I altered the shoe color to balance up the color design between his neck scarf and shoes - in retrospect I think I prefer the brown shoes.

Hey ho... thanks for the feedback though. I've been thinking alot about popeye since doing this and it's struck me that surely the time is right for a Streets of Rage/Battletoads/ TMNT/Double Dragon style game using these characters. Popeye is so versatile a character to animate, particularly for whacked out combat moves once he's consumed a barrell load of the green stuff... (I'm talking spinach here guys) ;)

I might do some more sequences... or possibly some of Bluto and Olive - just to round off the set... whatcha reckon?

Pixel Art / Re: Isometric bot...thing
« on: March 20, 2006, 09:22:49 am »
...phew... that makes me glad.  ;D

look at these interesting results... based on my previous suggestion to ya... (yeah I know you said you're not keen on the look but I was curious to see what it might look like....)

So I did two tests, one where I darkened the rear leg and arm...which I think looks kinda nice. But I'm inclined to agree with you neverest that perhaps it wouldn't neccessarily work in ISO...

The second one based on what you were saying about not really liking that style, so I chose to go with what you're saying and compromise a bit with what I like to do with outlines... I'm not that keen on full black outlines, (as you may have noticed) so I thought I'd knock back those legs by tinting the outline... it's subtle... but I think it works... and is an interesting result.

It's interesting because the interior colors appear subdued... this is a perfect example of what I call 'tonal edging' - it may have a proper name but its something I discovered a long time ago.

I used to edge everything in black. But, one of the things with outlining in pixels is that the color you choose to outline and area with tends to effect the interior colors. An interesting experiment is do is to take a WHITE square and edge it with various color tones, see what happens to the white... it takes on the color of the edging. It tends to work better the smaller the area but It's an opticle illusion that one can take advantage of when pixeling... it's a bit like adding a color wash when painting on canvas in acrylic. 

Having said that Black edging does make sprites stand out it's true, but sometimes It can be overwhelmingling distracting and besides there are other ways to make your sprites jump out from the screen - I guess it comes down to design and style.

Generally speaking I very rarely use black in sprites these days. I use dark tones. Very dark tones. Really Deep Blue, Sometimes Purple... but that's just me...

Pixel Art / Re: Hi there - some of my material for you to check out.
« on: March 19, 2006, 07:05:23 pm »
just wondering how you kept all your old art?

All the stuff I did in the amiga days is lost forever because we couldn't find a way to get the date off the discs without an amiga. After that I just threw them out in the trash when moving to Japan.

nice work btw. Dizzy was just about my favorite game on the speccy. Never saw it on the c64 but very much enjoyed it again on the Amiga.

This simple answer to this is that I never had to transfer data across as I have always used PC's... Even for Amiga art.

The problem I found with switching to Dpaint on the 'Mig was the joker's who coded it in their infinite wisdom swapped the YES/NO postions around when it asked you to quit with 'unsaved changes'... which meant I lost tons of work all the time... I tried the mig for a month or so but just lost so much material because of this so I swapped back to PC.

Its a shame you binned your work but still... I understand why. I've lost loads over the years, just through sheer bloody mindedness... and now regret it.

I'm glad you liked the Dizzy games... great days.


Pixel Art / Re: Isometric bot...thing
« on: March 19, 2006, 06:53:09 pm »
Hey neverest... hope you not sour with me after the Background thing? :S

This looks cool man... love the design... really sweet.

Have you considered knocking the far arm and leg into the b/g a touch... ? To make the foreground limbs stand proud a little?

Pixel Art / Re: What up, Gs
« on: March 19, 2006, 03:55:45 am »
speachless... :o

fair play... apologies to all those concerned... and well done.



I dont understand this: "In other words, actually set up the five pallettes you have highlighted and remap each tile into the relevant pallette and then finally rebuild the image?"
at all. What is it exactly we need to change?
Excuse me Hondo for using your submittion to illustrate my point... I hope you don't mind.

from this... this

And yes it's a bit anal... but actually more accurate. The first image is Hondo's orginal image with the addition of the actual GIF pallette indexes. See how even though he's illustrated in his image what his choice of pallettes are the actual GIF PALLETTE doesn't reflect this choice. Where as the 2nd image has been repalletized according to GBA 16 colored character map screen conventions.

Perhaps you don't see the difference as both images look identical but technically it's correct.

I just wanted to point this out... I don't want to ruin the fun, so to say, as hondo has precisely specified his CHOICE of pallettes which as it turns out works fine. as I've demonstrated in the 2nd image. Visually there IS no difference it's just the way the pallette is organised that has changed.

Anyway... I hope this helps you to understand neverest... Keep up the good work!

I'm curious now to see who adam will choose as the overall winners... :S

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