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Job offers / [Paid]18+ . Sprites for dominions 5 game . around 8+ of them
« on: September 10, 2018, 04:48:19 pm »
Hello .
Sprites are 64x64 tga. 2 sprites per character .
Some examples of user made mods with downloadable mods and further file specifics.
If interested give me a poke on
Thank you for reading.

Pretty much what it says. Granted musketeer might be impossible due to character composition. None the less, if interested do message price per character to If all goes well might order two more next month.

Thats about that. Game is called Dominions 4. Looking to make 4-7 units for a mod, depending on price. Each unit have iddle and attack sprite sprite. File extention is .tga and size 64x64 pixels. Offers with price per sprite and samples and questions to  Prefered way to pay for me is with paypal.

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