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To put it simply I couldn't disclose the details here, but I'd like for a full time pixel artist that can communicate on a daily basis.
The budget for said game is around 80 to 150k USD.

I am looking for artists that can work on a platforming game with me. This is meant to be a high end platforming game similar to the likes of

-Owl Boy
-Katana Zero

Art work in those styles are greatly welcomed. Please post your work here and your resume
Thanks again! Sorry for the short brief.

"This individual is a thorough worker and likes to get good quality work done in the fastest time. Sure he may cost a little extra here and there but he is a talented artist. I recommend anyone to hire him who favors nice pixelated art as his art work itself proves he is a stellar artist with many years of experience.
He is very calm in answering questions and will listen to every need a client wants without ever arguing.
Even giving so much as a rough sketch could set him on a track to get your desired product with ease.

I recommend him to anyone seeking a pixel artist, believe me, I REALLY recommend him to anyone who is seeking a pixel artist.

Good job Spyros, keep up the good work!

Dante is pretty good, if not, one of the best pixel artists here in the web. If you ask for specifics and details he will do his utmost best to meet your needs.

He's affordable, quick, and his works are on par with industry leading games (I'm not joking)
some of his examples can be seen in my small game at @storyofrevere on twitter

consider hiring him for his services, I wholeheartedly recommend it.


I am currently making a game which you can take a look at here: or simply visit its twitter page at

You might be wondering: The game already has pixel assets! Why should I take up this job? Well, I am in need of a pixel artist that is eager to help me finish up this indie game before it's fall release. All I need from you is help regarding the overworld assets such as sprite animations, monster animations, vehicle animations.

No, you aren't working on the houses or trees, those are already done, you are only working on the sprites, persons, moving cars, those sorts of assets.

Then you'll say: But, you already have sprites don't you?!
Well, this is when most of you will leave the room. I do have sprites, however I don't have everything I need. I need someone that is capable enough to replicate/follow this style and create vehicles, sprites of the sort in which the game already has.

I also need someone that is able to communicate to me on a daily, perhaps even 2 day basis. Communication is crucial in any profession, and I do hope if you do take up this job, you wouldn't mind me saying  "hey there dude wazzup? Hows that armor carrier going?"

Thus, and therefore, I've made my peace. Just incase this was a wall of text to read:

Oh, and a reference of the games general pixel art I'm aiming for (take note of the sprite)

Do ignore the trees and houses, instead, look at the people. and see if you feel comfortable following it's style.
for more details, which I wont overload this page with - do contact me or email me at your convenience. I am very responsive : )



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