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Pixel Art / Re: Shaping & Shading a bag of flour
« on: May 26, 2019, 05:42:44 am »
Hi Garwan,

I think you went a step further than last time wich is great, but also there's a long way to go before we can call your sprite finished. Since you are just beggining your pixel art journey it's understandable that you doubt if the step you just did is fine and if it's good enough to continue.

Some advices I can give you:

- When beggining your learning curve always use real references (Photos, Objects, etc). Learning from other peoples drawing is fun and all but you're missing key information, if you have all the information possible about an object you can choose to simplify it to your liking (Since in pixel art you have to pick what information would you like to put in your art)

- Study other people, pick some artists that you consider good and study them, how they render things, why they render said things in the way they do. Don't copy them, understand the reasoning behind their work.

- Finish your pieces, believe me, you may not be happy with the results, but at least you finished the piece and hence you've learned more than when taking one step at a time waiting for feedback. (I probably had a head start since I like to draw since I can remember, but I'll let you see how my art have changed with the time at the end of the post)

- Do the excercise I told you with the Play-Doh or any kind of modeling clay, trust me in this one, it's super helpful. Sounds silly, I know, but I have all kind of modeling clay (Play-Doh, real clay, kids clay, that blue thing that the architects use to erase, etc) in my workspace because it's so helpful.

- Grab the next page and study all, and I mean it, ALL of their tutorials, it's so useful that I wish every of us had this kind of resources when we started. you can find a lot of other useful resources there.

- If you don't like to read go and check this YouTube channel: there are four awesome playlist for you to start learning the basics, I'm sure you will know wich playlists are.

- Lastly, pixel art is a slow process, behind every character, background, item, etc. are countless hours of work, as a minimun, where you are on your learning curve, put two hours or so on that sack, I'm sure you will notice the difference.

As for the very last, here's a selfsona that I've been doing multiple times over a year:

My point by showing you this is: Finish your pieces, you will learn, you will get better, you will change and shape your own style.



Pixel Art / Re: Shaping & Shading a bag of flour
« on: May 25, 2019, 01:06:24 am »
Hi Garwan,

It's quite hard to tell what are you trying to do exactly since the piece is so early in the process and we lack a reference of what you are trying to do, so far I have the impression that you are mixing a bag and a sack of flour together.

Anyway, I'll try to help you a bit by providing a reference and a quick, sloppy process on how I would do this using your workflow, I'll try to keep this excercise under 15 minutes so pardon for the low quality.

Here's the reference:

Here's a .gif of the process:

And here's a description of the process:

First of all, I picked the reference, mirrored it horizontaly on my mind and drew a quick outline sketch. Picked a lightsource on my mind, in this case the lightsource is in front of the object in the upper left part.

In the second, third and fourth frame you can see how I continue with your workflow, adding a mesh to picture the volume of the object.

Fifth and sixth frame I added some color to the planes and removed the mesh.

In the last four frames I added some detail and did the shading of the object.

I've read tons and tons of books and articles on how light behaves and how to shade an object. From my experience, the best you can do to trully understand how light works (At least the basics) Is to buy some Play-Doh, recreate the basic shapes of the object that you are trying to do, grab it, go to a dark place with a flashlight and iluminate the Play-Doh from different angles.

The rest is a matter of taste and practice, lots and lots of practice. I'm pretty sure that I've made a couple mistakes during the excercise so don't take my example as 100% accurate

I'm quite bad at explaining but trying to improve that, so feel free to ask questions if you have any.

By the way, try to use Imgur to upload your images, is better than uploading images directly to the forum :)



Scribbly, first of all, your artwork is great, so congratulations and keep the hard work.

From now I will talk from my experience, my vision of what pixel art is may be different from other people's vision, I respect that so feel free to take my advice if it work for you, If not, share your's with me!

To do the excersise I will borrow this piece of yours since it's easier to edit than the other character, pardon me If you don't like what I do with it.

  • The first thing that comes to my mind is that the color count is way too high (97 colors to be exact!), it contain colors that look almost exactly to other but not quite, from my experience that gives the impression that the piece is not finished.

  • The second thing to have in mind is shape clarity: How good defined are your shapes, even from the very beggining of your piece, if shapes are easy to read your piece will give the impression of being "Pixel Perfect"

  • Third, this one is merely personal taste but, avoid using outlines that are lighter than the local color, they tend to look out of place.

  • Lastly, MAKE YOUR OWN RULES! And beside making your own rules, stick to them unless you have a reason to break them. Having some rules and following them will make your pieces look consistent.

I took 15 minutes to edit the head of your character so you won't have to read this and try to figure out what it means:

Here are some characters of mine that follow simple rules: Really dark shadows, sel-out, being about 48 px tall and using a palette of mine.

Other example in a really small size where I try to give myself some rules and try to stick to them (Remember you can click the images to enlarge them):

I'm certainly not good at explaining stuff to other people but I hope this helps you at least a little bit, if you want to know anything specific feel free to ask!



Scribbly, upload your art to Imgur and post the link generated under the BBCode section, like this:

In that way you won't need to wait for approval of attached files, as a matter of fact, try to not use that feature in this forums, takes way too long.

Scribbly to get feedback of your work you need to post images of your work, there's no way to know what what you are doing and give you advice/feedback if there's nothing to see but only a description!

Challenges & Activities / Re: Hexquisite Corpse 4
« on: March 26, 2019, 08:57:01 pm »
T-67 for me! Thanks <3

Edit: Sent to your inbox Indigo

Job offers / Re: Employment Section Rules!
« on: July 07, 2018, 05:41:27 pm »
Hi, SeinRuhe here,

I Quote:

[RESUME/PORTFOLIO] A Resume and/or Portfolio tag is appropriate for individuals who wish to advertise their skills and talents. Only one Resume/Portfolio per person. You may modify or delete this thread at any time. Do not use this tag for company advertisement. By posting, it is assumed that you're at least open to receiving job offers. Please Post Resumes and Portfolios in the dedicated childforum.

The thing is, lastly I'm not able to delete my posts on my portfolio, I bump once a month or so, to keep things in order I delete the previous bump and do a new one, any idea why I can't do this any more?

Hi there John!

My name is SeinRuhe, I'm a freelance pixel artist.

I'm highly interested in working on your proyect, always felt great interest on space exploration, NASA/ESA missions and astronomy.

I've worked doing graphics for a couple of games, for example
In addition here's my portfolio post:

I know my work doesn't have anything space related, but if you want I can do anything you like (not so time consuming since is a test) so you can see that my skills are up to the challenge.

And lastly my e-mail:
Feel free to write me to my e-mail or through here, it's up to you

PD: We have a quite different timezone (-8 hours) but I can adapt easily since I work from home



In case you haven't found and artist yet here's my portfolio post

Feel free to PM me or e-mail me at



[Updated 2022/09/07][YYYY/MM/DD]



Currently unavailable, feel free to write me if you want to talk.

Hello there!

About me:
I'm SeinRuhe, a freelance pixel artist. I've worked mostly doing characters and animations for games. I'm currently looking for paid commissions/contract work.

My portfolio:
A new page will replace my Behance portfolio ( that's really, really, and I mean it, really outdated. This new page is under construction and may take about a month.

If you think my style would be suitable for your project feel free to contact me through:

Discord: SeinRuhe#1500
Twitter: (@seinruhe)

I can also adapt to most styles  ;) !

Also, I'm able to produce tasteful NSFW content.

Examples of my work:

  • Old Characters:

  • New Characters:

  • ISO Character Sheet:

  • NSFW +18 Characters:

  • Animations:

  • 16x16 Designs for a personal project:

  • Icons:

  • Emojis:

  • Scenes:

  • Some Tile Examples:

  • [Bonus] A Big Ass Monster:

  • [Bonus] #GymLeaderSona:

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