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Pixel Art / Re: Swordsman Dancer
« on: May 08, 2021, 01:45:34 am »
Hi Ronaldaam,

The idea you have in mind may be too elaborate even for seasoned animators, dancing is one of the most complex things to animate, can't imagine adding slicing on top of it, you can try to animate your idea as it is, just clear your weekend schedule because it will take all of it to do so!

Regarding the character, is a bit big for a pixel art animation but the flat shading compensates for this so no need to change size.

My only advice would be to get rid of some small details like the fringes of the clothes and the sash, animating this kind of details takes even more time than animating the body itself.

As Fskn said, we need a .PNG or .GIF without scaling to be able to provide feedback, you can post your images on and post them here using the "Insert Image" function.

Pixel Art / Re: Some characters
« on: May 08, 2021, 12:27:52 am »
Hi Guys, It's finally friday praise the lord!

Fskn have a really good point when telling you to sketch first on pen and paper, it's really a great exercise.

If you can, always use a tablet, it's better than a mouse in a couple aspects: It does feel a little more natural and it helps to avoid tendinitis and carpian. Save the mouse for pixel level cleanup, nothing can beat the mouse in that step! (You don't need to freehand characters without reference, even better, never work without references)

We do have preconceived ideas about poses and anatomy that often play against us. If your poses often end up a bit stiff, you can exaggerate said poses a lot to avoid this, your brain will compensate and end up with something in the middle. (This works for me, in my case my bane are torsos, the 1st draw I do on a day ends up having a torso that's half the length of what it should be so I try to draw what my brain interprets as really long torsos that just end up looking normal)

Other technique that can be useful is to measure angles, this is really personal, I measure with my fingers on the screen lol. Better techniques are to measure with 2 pencils or two crochet needles or even drawing some angles in the reference.

Here's a little edit on the character drinking from the canteen (Not sure if this is the correct word), the trick to exaggerate this pose was to imagine something delicious on the canteen, please be aware that on this edit I drifted a bit from your style and in doing so I'm certain I massacred any historical accuracy of the outfit:

Seems like your workflow is to do a silhouette and then fill it in, in my opinion this is the best method to pixel something. Pay a bit more attention to said silhouette, If you can feel personality on it, the final render will be loose and dynamic!

I do dig something in the original a lot, it looks a lot like a hieroglyphic!

BTW gratz on that Comments & Fav award on PJ!

Pixel Art / Re: PD Tactics Collab Character
« on: May 06, 2021, 10:01:31 pm »
@Fskn thank you so, so, so much, you nailed the back view. Sometimes you have to leave the perky little butt to the imagination :/ but well, sacrifices are needed in order to grow!

Text edit is on point too, time to send this to PD!

Pixel Art / Re: PD Tactics Collab Character
« on: May 06, 2021, 08:07:34 pm »
Well, next stop on this train and I need a critique on the backview now. To be honest this is kicking my ass in ways I wasn't aware a pixel art piece could.

So my idea is one last round of critiques and send it before I get even more obsessed with it.

Pixel Art / Re: Some characters
« on: May 06, 2021, 04:41:45 pm »
This is looking great! Love that you took the time to draw the bag, that's another level of commiting to a pun :lol:

I may need to update my PJ, I did quit my job as a chef to be a freelance pixel artist, I'm just a bit exhausted due overworking on some projects, a mild case of insomnia, two active cats and some repair work happening at my place. :ouch:

I know simulating reflective mats is really hard, no worries, it just take time.

And it's never too late to pay attention to the fundamentals, I started taking really seriously to learn the fundamentals and other media to improve my art in last year's October (29y at that moment), so we may be a bit behind of others but nothing hard work cannot compensate! You do start developing a keen eye for some stuff, now I'm trying to develop my explanations to better understand everything in a rational manner and not just with abstract thinking (You've been the perfect test subject btw)

Keep the great work Cels! You are a joy to the forums :P

Pixel Art / Re: Some characters
« on: May 06, 2021, 02:25:06 am »
I'm drained but I can't resist a good post. :ouch:

As always I will lick your designs in an erotic manner for a bit, nothing to pay attention to :P

This guy suffers from what my fairy suffered, the arm thats holding the sword doesn't seem to be making any effort to hold it, also the pose of the hand is a little feminine for this mountain. So close the arm a little bit and make sure to show to the camera the plane of the hand where you put the cocaine in to snort lol. Or just watch the reference I included.

Other minor stuff could be to close the leg on our right a bit, increase the size of the part of the helmet that rest on his shoulders by a bit (Just the part on our right). Adjust a bit the shoulder pad on our left to better convey that it's going around the shoulder and try to compress the color banding that's happening on the armor.

Reflective materials are hard as ****, think of them as mirrors, the plane that mirrors more light from the lightsource to the viewer is where you have to put the speculars, the darkest part of this kind of material is near the center, followed by some reflection in the shadow part, pay special attention to his left leg since is the part only that I tried to render properly.

That's all!

Edit: Look at the following image, as long as you have at least a Form Light, Highlight (Specular), Form Shadow, Core Shadow and Reflected Light you will have a great sense of form on your reflective materials.

The guy in the video down below (Dorian Iten) explains it like a charm, he has a course where he goes a bit more in depth with this theme but I do not recommend to invest on it, is a little too shallow for the price. Mail me if you want me to explain you every modeling factor *wink**wink*

Pixel Art / Re: PD Tactics Collab Character
« on: May 04, 2021, 05:21:55 pm »
Well, this is the result:

I did some tweaks here and there, and although I like more the dress silhouette that Fskn did I may have trouble with it when doing the back view so I had to change it a little. Most likely I would end up doing one last revision after finishing the back view to make sure everything looks right! The smile is also an improvement without doubt so it's staying.

Oh yeah, my fairy is quite anime-ish, I tried to give her a bit of Ranma/Alita OVAs (Not the movie, although that movie left a weird fetish for girls with big eyes on me lol) feeling since it's the style I like the most for this kind of stuff.

And first time hearing of Charles Vess, I do dig a lot the atmosphere of his pieces, composition and color, I'll study him to see what I can steal ;D (Some of his pieces remind me of Mucha's work although they are from fairly different periods, and god knows I love Mucha)

Pixel Art / Re: PD Tactics Collab Character
« on: May 04, 2021, 03:22:48 pm »
@Cels I'll try to reduce some noise, I'm working with this CTR filter in mind so it doesn't look as noisy as in a HD display but still, If somehow I can achieve a good looking outcome for both that's the ultimate win.

Oh well, if the axe strikes as something an orc or barbarian would wield it means it's spot on for my pun, fairies don't wield battle axes. On the collab characters will be on a map where they have the right to have some NPC text that pops when the player gets near, her line is a pun: "A battle axe!? I could swear the garrison commander rolled a dice when deciding weapons for each of us!"

Lastly, neat to see you started with NMA, if you happen to see an interesting course let me know (BTW, currently taking Complete Russian Academic Drawing Approach, Color Theory Bootcamp and Dynamic Gesture Drawing)

@Fskn Love the edit, I would really like to give the dress a semi-translucent effect but to be honest don't know how, palette is quite restricted although they allow adding some extra colors (5, currently 2/5), seems a good idea to use them for this. I think pastels are out of the table due the restricted palette:

(Just click on it a hundred times till it's visible xD)

I think I'm going to do a couple pixel adjustments here and there and that's all. Your dress design is spot on so I'm going to steal it! If you have a Twitter handle let me know so I can tag you crediting for the help!

EDIT: The smile is growing on me, don't know which one will make it to the final version

Pixel Art / Re: PD Tactics Collab Character
« on: May 04, 2021, 04:35:23 am »
Thanks Eliddell, the axe on the first take was poorly drawn. Based on your feedback I did a second take, pulled her shoulder to convey a bit more weight on the axe and also laid the axe on the floor so she wont pull a muscle trying to lift it lol.

Having her wield the axe with 2 hands is not viable in this case, since the character will never be animated I don't want to obstruct her body at all, although I did increased the length of the handle a lot to give the feeling that in combat the axe should be used with two hands.

I do still have to fiddle a bit more with her clothes, still not convinced with them.

Pixel Art / PD Tactics Collab Character
« on: May 04, 2021, 12:04:49 am »
First of all sorry, seems like MuMu from my previous post may have to wait a bit more before seeing herself finished.

I want to enter the milestone collab of @Pixel_Dailies on Twitter, the idea is to toss a coin and roll a dice to get the attributes for your character. Here's the post explaining the collaboration a bit more in case anyone is interested *Cough Cels**Cough Fskn*

So far my character looks like this:

Basically everything is settled but I want to push this a bit further, the axe is what's giving me more trouble, I do want the axe to be oversized to better emphasize her size but the design and position is not written in stone. I would also like to make her dress a bit more fancy without being distracting.

Any ideas my fellow Pixelationerds?

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