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Pixel Art / Re: Some people standing around
« on: October 22, 2021, 06:28:39 pm »
Hello random stranger I've never heard of before!

I don't know much about composition so no advice on there, although I think the comp in this piece is really good and sort of cinematic!

My advice would be to keep the warm light while making what's in shadow closer to gray to make it look cooler, it gives a nice effect!

I would also get rid of most of the lines as well as selecting another color for the darkest darks! You could keep an outline for mayor things or things that need some pop like the characters

Pixel Art / Re: Need Advice on Light Aura
« on: October 19, 2021, 12:58:09 am »
Usually, this kind of effects are the result of post processing so treat it as such. My advice would be to make a circle (blur it if you want) and set it to a blending mode that resembles the effect you want to give. Animate any lighting effect that you may want to have in said layer and lastly be careful when using the eyedropper tool to pick colors from this layer, you may end up sampling all layers instead of the current layer.

Pixel Art / Re: [CC] Sci-fi character in a armor suit.
« on: October 12, 2021, 03:10:15 am »

Not sure if I have too much else to add at this point, the edit you did on the big version is definitely an improvement.

The small version could use some clean-up here and there. The color range exercise is a good one, personally I like things with high contrast.

Being self taught is hard, you need to be able to judge yourself as hard as you can and as accurate as you can. I'm self taught too, and from my experience, the key for improving is to absorb as much information as you can from people who is further on the learning curve and practice right away. I do really recommend watching Marco Bucci, Modern Day James, Proko or similar channels on YouTube (Again, I can't stress this enough, the more you learn things not related to pixel art the fastest your progress at pixel art will be. The improvement is 10 times faster than if you learn with only pixel art).

I think a topic you may find useful for improving is Value, color often masks our mistakes, so working only in black and white (AKA Value Only) at least for a bit should make it easier for you to spot what you can improve. If it reads good in black and white, color is just a pinch of salt on top.

Here's a work I did a couple weeks ago as an example, that although not great, things have a good readability both on color and on black and white (Value Only)

Here's the last edit you did with the same treatment. Shapes loose a bit of readability don't you think? For example, the leg and arm on the far side look closer than the leg and arm on the closest side.

A last piece of advice to close is squint your eyes as much and as often as you can when drawing, If things are readable doing this, they will be crystal clear when not doing it.

Hope this helps a bit!

Pixel Art / Re: [CC] Sci-fi character in a armor suit.
« on: September 30, 2021, 02:24:07 am »
Hey Dnilb,

I'll C&C the update since it's a step up on the previous iterations but could use some more work in the following aspects:

- Establish a light source direction, this one needs to be crystal clear in your mind since it's what determines how the drawing is shaded.

- Think a bit more in 3D, some forms feel a little disconnected, using a black outline on every part of the character adds to said disconnection.

- For the shading, having the lightsource in mind, render the parts that face the light with the lightest value and the parts facing away from the light with the darkest value. You could check Marco Bucci's videos on YouTube, he's great at explaining this. Have in mind that traditional and digital painting information on this topic is thousands of times more valuable than Pixel Art specific information.

- If possible get rid of the folds on the clothes, folds are great when having big fabrics or really loose clothes, in this case adds a bit too much noise.

- This is merely personal taste but the character feels quite futuristic yet the pose feels a little monkey-ish, maybe you could work something cooler?

Here's a quick implementation of what I just told you (Far from perfect so be careful when referencing it, you may end up referencing the errors lol), hope it helps at least a bit!

General Discussion / Re: Pixelween 2021
« on: September 30, 2021, 02:22:07 am »
I was going to submit mine, saw the amazing work of everyone else and decided to redo my piece xD The bar is quite high on this one!

General Discussion / Re: Pixelween 2021
« on: September 28, 2021, 09:15:08 pm »
Hapi, links seems to be broken :(

Portfolios / Re: [For Hire]-Pixel Artist
« on: September 21, 2021, 03:57:34 am »
I truthfully doubt a mod step in but please remove the artwork that doesn't belong to you from your portfolio, namely:


Seems like you already had an account banned from this site for this behaviour:;u=171887

Let's keep our community truthful and healthy please!

Well, for what I can see there are a couple tips I can give you, hope they help at least a bit:

- Pick a lightsource direction and keep it in mind all the times, this has to do a lot with why you are struggling with drawing fur, fur is quite volumetric and a clear lightsource direction helps a lot to keep things easily readable.

- Think in volume, fur often breaks the silhouette.

- Try to draw big patches of fur. Seems like you are trying to draw what almost seems like single hairs. When looking at any texture from afar it will lose detail. Fur will merge and look like big strands.

-Lastly your values could have a bit more contrast.

I did a quick and messy edit of your jackalope, hopefully you may see to what I refer to. Give a try to what I just told you and let me know if you have questions or struggle with anything.

Pixel Art / Re: Lizardman - please critique
« on: May 23, 2021, 02:50:58 pm »
SeinRuhe - I was really happy to see this much response :)
I would love to see your lizard from the past!  and feel welcome to do your own take on this one for sure!
So about lights. That light ball next to it is very helpful. To me, on it it looks like the light comes from the top, on the lizard the light is from the top and sort of from the left. Your arm looks much better with the cluster of light rather than my strings. However, if the light would come from the top, or a bit more to the right, I find it a bit hard to figure out how the light would work on the arm, since the light would be somewhat more parallel to underarm itself. If it from the top and the arm is at an angle, wouldn't it look rather similar to how it looks now?
I really like your colors. I want to place this creature in a sort of dank and cold area, while I do feel yours is warmer and nicer to look at, how to think about the area it is placed in?
Thank you!

Well, this technique works both ways, the rule of thumb goes: If the light is warm, shadows should be cold. If the light is cold, shadows should be warm. This light behaviour really happens on nature most of the time, is just really subtle. There are lots and lots of exceptions and you can also completely ignore this, but is a nice thing to have to in mind to make colors look pleasing in a sort of easy way.

The way light interacts with planes is simple, yet really *really* really hard if you're still getting the hang of it. My suggestion in this case is to leave the rationalization aside for a bit and simply grab a flashlight, your cellphone, a candle or any source of light, lock yourself in the darkest place you can find and see how light interacts with your arm from any given angle. This exercise should give you the insight you are looking for.

The light ball is just a reminder for the lightsource direction, you can use it or not as long as you have the direction clear on your mind.

If you want to give a look to my lizard here it is, is really old and have lots and lots of mistakes so you shouldn't take it as an example!

EDIT: If you really, really want to understand how light works you could also read the book "How To Render" or "Color and Light", For what I understand seems like the concept that is confusing you is Light Decay/Falloff.

Pixel Art / Re: Lizardman - please critique
« on: May 23, 2021, 03:09:58 am »
Either I'm getting really slow or you guys are getting really fast giving advice :blind:

So, Spajjder, I like your lizardman design, I also like the pose a lot for some reason, looks sassy in a good way.

As for critique, I would make some edits here and there:

- Before everything, I can't stress this enough but be really mindful of your lightsource and what planes look directly at it since this is what determines value changes!

- I may be miss reading this but the hand on our right seems to have 5 fingers instead of 4 like the one on our left. (Edit: Fskn already pointed this lol)

- Anatomy on the shoulders/collarbone seems a bit funky, reference some humans and lizards for this, animals share a lot in common and depicting this subtleties right should improve your work substantially.

- This is personal preference and is not a rule, rather a tool, but if you have cold shadows, light may look better warm. Of course color is relative so in case you decide to pick this advice, just make the color of the light feel warmer, no need to make it yellow or red.

- Texturing is really hard in my opinion, so try to focus first on the big shapes. If your work looks cohesive only shading the basic stuff chances are that texture will look great on it.

Here's an example on textures that I always loved and it happens to have scales too

And here's my pseudo edit, it has zero cleanup so careful

PD: I may revisit this with a bit more time next week, also did a Lizardman a couple years back that needs revision so your piece is the ideal testing ground :D

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