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Thank you everyone fopr submissions if I have missed to send you a direct email.

Just to let you know, no decisions will be made until November 16th.
There is still time to apply.

Regarding the comments of pay, thank you for the suggestions and I accept the advise given.


Hi. Thanks for the advise and the complement on artwork. I completely agree with you, but please hear me:

I'm currently doing sprite animations for a guy who made very well know games for the community, released for free, Crystal Shard for example. I put my heart and soul into it because I love it and I know there are good people out there who can't afford to pay me as they don't have a studio and are people just like you and me. I work full-time and make games every moment around. This is a very small scope project that is achievable. I just thought it would be nice to get help from someone else for a change and who was like me. Seeing as ALL of the pixel work I've done was for free, I thought I'd at offer someone least enough to buy a coffee while doing it.

Keeping the price in mind, I AM negotiable because I'm not a jerk and can appreciate talent. But cannot pay per hour. No way. I'm not stingy, or triple A, I'm just a normal hard-working guy with a passion for video games looking for people who share that vision.

Job offers / [CLOSED - Pixel Artist Found]
« on: October 28, 2016, 11:48:42 pm »

xoMishka is a 2D side scrolling game which is being developed in Unity 5.
I require a pixel artist who can do character/enemy animations and tilesets.
The game's color palette is based on the NES color palette.

The team currently consists of:
1x C# Developer, artist/animator, designer (Me)
1x Music and SFX Designer
1x Artist (You)
I need to offload the artwork to someone as I need to focus on development and design.

You play as the a mouse, the world around you is larger than you. I found a lot of inspiration from Arriety as the object around the main player really give an interesting perspective on scale.
If you're not familiar with Arriety - please see here:

The production of the game will be quite slow. But I am trying to backlog most of the artwork to make things easier for the future. I will require to collaborate with the artist to discuss ideas in order to get a nice result.

I am aiming for a similar quality and style as Shovel Knight, without copying it.

This game has 6 areas needing tilesets/fixed stage artwork:
  • Mouse Home
  • Garden
  • Drain Pipes
  • Underground Tunnels
  • Inside the Walls
  • Final Encounter

The game only has a few Characters, but mainly it will have numerous enemies.

Here are some samples that I created myself, I would like the game to look similar to this:

Early prototype - wrong colors

Payment opportunity:
You tell me. I might not be able to afford it if your looking to get rich.

Payment in AUD - Australian Dollars
Price is negotiable depending on experience.

All artworks could have 3 potential feedback revisions per piece prior payment arrangement.

It's very important that if you begin working on this project you complete it.

Deadline for artwork will be 4-months from the start date.

Things to expect from me:
A list of assets with descriptions.
Visual sources for inspiration.
Critique on artwork produced.
Diligent and fast response to communication.
Demonstrations of discussed ideas. This means I might create some artwork to help get the idea across.

Things to expect from the artist:
Marking progress on the asset sheet.
Provide concepts/ideas/colors/discuss/sketch before production to mitigate wasted work.
Someone passionate about the end result, not about making decisions to satisfy themselves.
Looping .gif samples of animations, mockups of how a tileset might be used, backgrounds to be shown in context with artwork to show relevance.
Diligent and fast response to communication.

Please email Joe:    if you are interested, with a sample of relevant work for this project.
Happy to meet on Skype for more info Skype name: mrsilipo

PM's will be viewed, but not as fast as direct email.

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