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Bump. Giving a discount for enviroment work.

Bump, Looking for some enviroment work to add to the portfolio

Back to taking commissions. Giving a lower rate for Enviroment Design and Tilesets.

Portfolios / Re: [Portfolio] Experienced Pixel Animator. Flexible rates.
« on: August 01, 2020, 09:11:53 pm »
Before reading this, know that your mileage may vary.

I have to say, I wish I read some of the replies on page two before hiring this individual. I requested some work to be done on November 1st 2019, and it is now July 26th 2020 with no word from the artist since June 16th 2020. He HAS done some work, and was close to finishing, but it never reached a fully finished state. Each time I ask about the commission, the answer is that I will either get my files later that day or the next day - but that never comes. It always ends up in this conversation loop, with nothing advancing. It's a bit of an insult that the artist would constantly ask for more work in this topic while still working on mine (and even finishing a number of commissions before mine) despite me having always paid the hours worked in full and on time every time. I am not saying the artist should solely work on my commission or work on it 24/7, but it's almost going to be one whole year of working on my request, with three months of no progress.

Thankfully, I am a sprite artist myself, so I should be able to finish the animations I need, but I still think it's bad practice to essentially receive a DIY kit and being given the runaround each time a question about progress is asked.

I am deeply sorry Shadarim.
No excuses at all.
It was unprofessional of me. And you are totally right that i should Have not let you without response for so much time.
Also i am sorry for offend you as i put you on hold as i was finishing other stuff.
Specially when i was so close to finish your task
Its my fault completely and i would like to make it up to you.

It did happened before that i also delayed and i was able to at least solve the issue with those clients.

I sended you a PM and a Email. I hope we can talk about a refund and maybe some kind of compensation for all the trouble this caused you. Hopefully you can answer me and give me that chance.

I will be closing commissions for a while as i try to solve this and get all my stuff together.

Sorry for the trouble to you and any trouble that i have caused to any unsatisfied client.

Edit: Commission Completed and finished in a friendly way.



Bump. Open for short term and Commissions



Bump, I really should update this page

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