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Pixel Art / Re: Sparkly brain stuff
« on: January 31, 2007, 11:53:56 pm »
Small update. Tried to add some depth to the earth-chunk, added some more stones, tweaked some other stuff.

Doppleganger: I hope there aren't too many people rallying against low-saturation purple shadows 'cause if there are, I'm pretty well boned. Whatever... if things go too far, I can just keep using both, get all pretentious and snobby, and look down on others for being conformists. :)
I tried, like I said, to add some depth to the earth. Better, I think, than it was, but probably still far from great. I meant to ask you: what would you recommend for the shrubs? Any particular problems there, or just a general lack of glamour?

Ragnarok: Something, maybe, but I dunno how well a glowy rune'd fit in. Might draw more attetion to the bottom than I'd like. :P I'm open to edits and stuff though, if you think it'd work.

Soup: Much appreciated. ;D

Pixel Art / Re: Sparkly brain stuff
« on: January 31, 2007, 07:42:58 pm »
Updated. Thanks for the replies, fellows.

GNd: Contrast issues and me are like... two... things that go together... good. Anyway, bad similes aside, I'm not sure if the contrast is worse, better or indifferent in the new version. I see your point about the rock probably not needing to be there, but I think the lower half of the pic looks a bit empty without it... I could be wrong; stranger things have happened. :P

Vellan: True enough, about the rocks. I tried to texture them without being to blatant about it; too much dithering and they look messy, not enough and, like you said, they look chocolatey, or fake or something. I tried to address it, anyhow.

Doppleganger: I really like the colours in your edit. High saturation palettes are something that I really enjoy, but am also a bit scared of and inexperienced with. Consequently, when I tried to make it higher sat on my own, it just ended up looking... funny. Palette's been overhauled regardless, for better or worse.

Eqko: Thanks ;D. Like I said, I textured the rocks a bit, but probably not enough. Hopefully they blend a bit better now, but you tell me.

Soup: Agreed, to an extent, as I do like purple shadows. Personal preference aside, though, I guess they are used rather a lot. Anyway, the new palette's ditched 'em.

Thanks again, guys.

More crits, please! I know it's not finished.

Pixel Art / Re: Layout WIP
« on: January 30, 2007, 05:27:13 pm »
I agree with Adam on the torso; it looks quite flat, especially in relation to the area from the boobs up. The dithering on the skin seems a bit harsh in places, too. Or... maybe that's not really true, it's just that in comparison with the cloth (which uses, or the most part, quite a low contrast ramp and so appears very nicely blended), the skin seems quite rough in places. The fact that the hair and... bra-thing? are not dithered adds to this,  think.
Last thing I'd point out is that this could benefit from some (very minor) AA in places, to eliminate the jaggies where skin and hair meet. I made a small example:

This example was like a 30 second job, so it's way-the-hell away from good, but you get the idea. You already have the necessary shades, so why not?  :P

For all that, I really, really like this. The hair and face, particularly, are phenomenal, and I think a bit of tweaking will raise this from incredible to brain damagingly fantastic.

Pixel Art / Sparkly brain stuff
« on: January 30, 2007, 04:04:53 pm »
Past Versions:

Current Version:

First pixels in a while. They still need work, but I think I've gone about as far as I can on my own. I think the palette needs an overhaul, but all crits/opinions/etc. would be great.

Pixel Art / Re: Seraph
« on: January 17, 2007, 11:45:15 pm »
try to cut down on the colors

is that really nesscecary? I mean, with modern computers, is there really a need?

Technically, no, but then, with programs like photoshop, painter, etc., you could say there isn't really any need for pixel art at all...

Pixel Art / Re: Testudine Shinobi
« on: December 19, 2006, 05:30:36 pm »
Update, first post. Thanks for all the crits and comments, guys.

Mccow: Yeah, the toes... like I said, anatomy is a consistent problem in my art and I think it's the lower body that causes the most problems. I find feet (positioning them, etc.) Particularly tricky. I tried to fix them, but... I don;t think I accomplished much :P

Shadow Wolf: haha yeah, the outer AA thing is a personal choice I guess. I did a few non-out-AA'd pieces when helm chastised me for this (though probably not enough of them). Anyway, seems I'm back to it... :D As for the legs, that was just a screw up on my part. I was trying to imply the whole "shelled" thing, but messed it up. Couldn't figure out what was wrong, but Ryona pointed it out.

Ryona: The plastron was the problem (and I had totally forgotten what it was called, so double thanks). I extended it and widened it, so hopefully now it kind of attaches the legs to the body and provides the genital coverage that is oh so necessary in our modern world. Cowabunga, and so forth. ;D

Akzidenz: I see what you mean, and I don't think I fixed it. I think the legs, though, look a bit less stiff now... maybe. Not sure why, as I didn't change their shape any, but still... Anyway, consider it looked into!

Ryu: Totally agreed but unfortunately easier said than done. :P All the stuff, the outer aa the, the generic ramps the... whatever the hell else I always do, are all becoming crutch-like, and that's no good. That said, it's all becoming crutch like, and that's.. well... hard to break from. I dunno, maybe I should get more involved in the, like, palette challenges or something? 'Cause I think unless the restrictions are imposed on me, I'll ignore 'em. ;D

AdamAtomic:o... :'(! Belt added! But... is it a ninja belt? Who can say? heh, I based it on the old cartoon/action figure belts, and it was all I could do to not put the giant "L" on the buckle. Speaking of which, should I go with the colored bandanna? Right now, it's red, like the comics, but maybe it should be blue like in the... everything else? Open to opinions here. Also, legs/toes... hardly perfect, but better?

AndyTran: Much obliged, good sir.

Derek: Thanks for the edit and the reference! The stuff that's changed in the edit is mainly based on your leg crits and ryona's plastron thing, so.. yes. Thanks for it ;D. I should stop procrastinating (eventually, in time, maybe... tomorrow) and get back to the basics...

Thanks again, guys, for all the crits and stuff. This could still use work, so I still need your help. More please! :P

Pixel Art / Testudine Shinobi *Update, 12/19/06*
« on: December 18, 2006, 06:31:28 pm »
I think I'm going to call the Tinman finished (for the moment, at least). Thanks again, guys for all the help on it.
So, onto new business:



Honestly, kind of a joke piece, or... a time-killer, more accurately. That said, the amount of additional effort I put into this one might be... less than admirable? Heh seriously, though, crits would be seriously appreciated, if for no other reason than for future application. In all truth, though, I probably will be updating this. The whole concept of turtles that are also ninjas is pretty badass. :D

Things that concern me:
The AA on the bandanna is sloppy
Anatomy? (not sure, but it's always a problem of mine)
Just remembered I left out the belt: when I was working on it, I had a hard time adding it w/o making it appear flat... (I'll work on this, shouldn't be too hard)
The dithering? Looks a bit too... obvious... to me. Maybe add a buffer shade?

Other stuff.. but... anyway, this is just some of the stuff I'm looking for opinions on. Let me know how to do better!

Pixel Art / Re: Female base
« on: December 18, 2006, 12:55:10 am »
So... you're done with crits, or done with foot crits? Don't know if it still applies then, but I did a small facial edit.

I'm assuming the no nose thing was a stylistic choice, but it's something to think about, maybe :P Also, bigger lips, I think, add umm... femininity (if that's even a word)? I dunno... again, just some stuff to think about.
Also, purely personal preference, but... pure black is the devil's medium.  :-X

Great work as always; I really like it. The body is sweet, just the face seemed a little simple.

Pixel Art / Re: Tin man *Updated: 12/15/06, new arts*
« on: December 17, 2006, 04:05:16 pm »
Thanks guys :)

Akzidenz: Thanks, man. And hey, if being on my D. means pumping me full of compliments, by all means... feel free to stay on it :P

Ryona: hehe Thanks. Seriously, with the whole scarecrow/lion thing... I dunno if I'll pixel them, but I think it might be kinda fun to redesign all the Oz characters like this... and seeing as I have far too much free time, I might end up doing it at some point.

Feron: I tried putting the 2 together, and Dorothy's rush-jobishness really shows :P It'll take a bit of work before they fit together, I think.

Ptoing: heh, I thought someone would pick up on that. When I first coloured it, Toto was one of the darker grays, and was nearly invisible. I didn't want to add any new colours, so I just made him the whitest one, and I guess the poor little guy still gets lost.

Eqko: Thanks! Didn't try making the dress more saturated yet... it's worth a shot though.

KBS: Thank you :)

Souly: hehe watch it, I think the pixels are trying to tell you something.

Alkaline: Thanks

Ryumaru:  :'( ! ..err.. I mean... I upped the contrast. Happy?
Seriously, though; 1st post, update. Contrast has been upped. I believe you were right ;D

Thanks again, guys. I may add another tone now that the contrast is higher, kind of as a buffer shade. It's only 9 colours, atm, so 1 more won't hurt. Also, I think the legs might need some reworking for the same reason (contrast-issues). Anything else?

Pixel Art / Re: What would like to drink, Sir.?
« on: December 16, 2006, 02:08:53 am »
Wait! I made an edit ;D

just a few little crits...
touched up the aa in places (and added an extra shade), tweaked some forms (the eyes, made one into a monocle cause I thought that's where you  were going), messed with some shading, aaand... did some other stuff :P Hope it's helpful despite my lack of explanation.

Good stuff, btw. I do enjoy b&w pieces. :y:

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