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Pixel Art / 3 cheers for animal cruelty ***FINISHED***
« on: April 28, 2008, 06:46:42 pm »
Yeah, the joke's been made before, but still...



I'm partly happy with it, partly less so, but I've taken it as far as I can alone so crits will be highly appreciated.  :)

Pixel Art / Re: Faces
« on: March 14, 2008, 04:31:32 pm »
I think the two biggest problems here are lack of contrast and.... polish, for lack of a better word. The face and hair look a little flat from lack of strong shadows and highlights, and the line art needs a bit of smoothing. The hair, in particular... it looks like the basic shapes have been blocked in, but not refined.

I did an edit to show you what I mean:

The darker shadows and brighter highlights help give some pop to the image, and help better define the forms. Same with the smoothing or refining, or whatever, of the lines. Most people will tell you that one of the keys of pixel art is exercising control, and careful pixel placement, making sure each dot's in the optimal spot. Like I said, the basic forms are blocked in in yours, they just need a little more love (check the jawline, hair highlights, etc. to see what I mean). ;)

I don't see any reason to drop the 2x outlines. The only thing I'd suggest is that if you're gonna use them, you might want to outline the hair, too. If you were planning on doing that anyway, just pretend I stopped talking at the end of the las bit. :)

Pixel Art / Re: Lick that kitty
« on: March 13, 2008, 09:22:19 pm »
Just a quick update:

I tried to smooth some inner lines, changed the shoes based on Doppelganger's edit and changed the kitty's face (for better or worse).

Atnas: I'll play with the feet. Just to be sure, are you talking about flatness from a lack of shading, or the flatness of the soles? I'm thinking it's the latter, and if it's not, Doppleganger's edit might've helped the problem. Otherwise, well... I tried un-flattening the soles with little success, so like I said, I'll play with it and see what happens. The arm was intentional, though, like Indigo said. it was a conscious choice so I guess it comes down to a matter of taste.

Indigo: I did a little more aa'ing, but I'm not sure if I'm understanding your meaning. You mean I should more heavily aa the inner-outlines, (like the inner curve of the arm, the jeans' pockets, etc.), or like, the inside of the outlines (outer curve of the arm, jeans contours, etc.). Anyway, again I jumped to the conclusion that you meant the latter, and that's what I tried for.  :P

Dopplegagner: Worry not, my friend. I'm back for good, and ready to produce a vast catalogue of new pixels ...or something like that. I dunno, I'll probably get bored in a bit and have sandwiches instead. Anyway... ;D
Yeah. I've been away from pixelling for a while, obviously, and like I said, I think it shows. That said though, the lack of AA here was intentional for the most part, especially concerning the contours. I'm trying to get away from my reliance on outer AA, and I'm thinking that when it's done, this one'll have a transparent background, so... As for the shoes though, thanks ;D. I was messing around with the palette, trying to find a decent way to add some depth to them and, for some reason, ignored the gray.

Atnas (again): Heh, I was going to mention that the spots would probably be ok once I tranperificated the background, but then you posted what you posted, so...  :)

Thanks guys <3

Pixel Art / Lick that kitty
« on: March 13, 2008, 07:13:30 pm »
After abandoning this whole thing for a while, I've come crawling back to pixels.

I can almost taste the rust in this one. Help me?

Pixel Art / Re: Need help.
« on: August 29, 2007, 02:55:56 pm »
Another edit:

One of the biggest problems with this (and many other's RPG sprites) has to do with perspective. Generally speaking, rpg sprites are mean to be viewed from over head, and here it seems as though we're looking at the character face-on. So, basically I reworked the image with that in mind, and tried not to change your design too much. (oh, I changed the pose in general, a bit, as well, as I thought it looked a bit stiff).

The other changes were a lot less drastic. I reduced the colour count by unifying the palette a bit, and added thing like a bit of shading to the face, and highlights to the hair. Also upped the contrast quite a bit (especially in the hair), as the original colours were basically indistinguishable from one another, even at, like, 10x zoom.

I'd also suggest taking a look at some tutorials, and maybe studying some old games as references.

Pixel Art / Re: Tentacles suck
« on: August 25, 2007, 06:00:42 pm »
I think part of the problem might stem from the fact that (in my eyes, anyway) the tentacles are a bit too thin or... something. Not... I dunno, chunky or tentacley enough. I did a quick edit:

I'm not really sure, and it's not a great edit. It's a suggestion, anyway. :)

Pixel Art / Tremulant's big, lumpy dump
« on: August 25, 2007, 04:10:51 pm »
Well, it's been a while since I've posted anything to say the least, so I thought I'd best remedy that... for... some reason. Anyway, being that I'm still gripped firmly in the clutches of a rather extended creative slump, I thought I'd post all the (semi-) presentable stuff from my now very-populated "pixels" folder. There are a lot of images in the following post so if anyone's on dial up or whatever... be forewarned.

My most recent thing. I couldn't think of a way to finish it, which is kind of what prompted me to do a dump post:




Super heroes:


Pokemon (unfinished and unentered from the PJ pokemon challenge. Trainer from pixelation's trainer challenge, also unposted):


Some random stuff:


Another incomplete PJ challenge entry:

There's more to come, no doubt, as I still have about 30 or so megs of crap to sift through. I forget what all's in it, though, so chances are most of it is either truly, purely trash, or I've already posted it, in which case I won't repost it here. Anyway, feedback would be really nice, as always. Some of these, I probably won't touch again, but crits, comment, etc... all will be useful somehow, at some point, and some of these I'm more than willing to complete, so... hoorah!

Oh yeah, and... much of this was done at work, on computers with poorly calibrated monitors (which I'm not able to re-calibrate). If colours are washed out, poorly contrasted, or just plain ugly, let me know and I'll see if I can't fix them up when I'm at home.

Update: Last one in the 'random' section.

Pixel Art / Re: My First Pixel Art
« on: June 22, 2007, 02:45:42 pm »
Maybe a little late, as it seems you're taking this in a different direction now, but I did a bit of an edit:

Basically just some shading/colour alterations. I actually like the original much better than the new version. While the new one's more anatomically correct, it's still pretty stylized, and for me, if you're going to stylize it you may as well go all the way.

One thing to keep in mind: in your original (and your update) the white is wasted, in terms of shading. Even at, like, 10x zoom it's still barely distinguishable from the yellow. Even in my edit, the white is wasted. Maybe try using a darker colour as a mid tone?

Pixel Art / Re: New avatar + Mecha
« on: April 14, 2007, 07:12:11 pm »
Hey, Opacus, this is looking pretty cool. Great colours and your improvement rate is really impressive. I've got just a couple of crits for you, and an edit to go with.

First has to do with the high colour count. You have way too many colours here, and it's making the pic look blurry. In the places I edited, I cut back the use of skin tones, and reduced the amount of AA. Sometimes a more simplistic approach can be better, or at least... cleaner. The hair, too, which I didn't edit, but which suffers from the same problem: High colour count and over AA'ing is making it look blurry.

Apart from that, I think your forms could use a bit of refinement. They aren't bad overall, but some things (the neck and hair particularly) look just a bit... I dunno, wonky? Again, though, this might be from the over AA'ing and blur, distorting forms and hurting readability and what not.

I like it. You have a great eye for colour. Congrats. :P

Pixel Art / Re: Modern Love [*Updated Again*]
« on: April 14, 2007, 04:48:58 pm »
New update. Mostly worked on various parts of the girl, but also tweaked cupid a bit (note the curlified hair), added the back-blood and probably did some other minor stuff.

Dopple: I hopefully fixed the breasts, and jeans. As for the head, it's the back of the head that seems flat, yes? If that's the case then... I know. I'm working on it. Not that it should be too hard, just that I haven't gotten too it yet. Next update, hopefully.

Gil: Good points, all around. Hope I touched on all of them, but I think I at least picked up on the most important stuff. I'm not real clear on what you mean about the leg seeming broken. Hopefully I fixed it, but if I didn't... elaborate for the benefit of the dumb? :P

Feron: I messed with cupie's hair. I may play with the wings a bit, too, but haven't gotten around to that part of the picture yet. The smoke will probably change, too. At the moment, it's supposed to be flowing into a heart shape, but it does look a bit awkward. I'll play with it.

Soup: Think I touched on all of that, 'cept the blood-puddle which, as I mentioned, will stay as is until the background is done, at which point it will be altered to fit.

Vellan: Slimmed the girl down quite a bit (slighter build, thinner through the shoulders and ribcage). Also, I changed a lot based on Sharm's and Wayuki's edits.

Sharm: Thanks for the edit. It helped me to see what you were talking about. If they aren't completely fixed, I think the pants look better now, anyway.

Wayuki: Wow, that's a great edit. That said, I... pretty much copied your work on the pants (and to a slightly lesser extent, the hoodie) for the update. I still have some work to do, obviously, but thanks in large part to your edit (and the accompanying crits), I think the girl's improved quite a bit.

Thanks very much for the crits and edits, guys. As always, it's greatly appreciated and incredibly helpful. right now, I think the biggest problem I'm having is deciding on a background... I'm... not so good at coming up with interesting backgrounds. I was thinking like, a generic-ish city park, but I dunno. Might end up being a bit dull? Whatever. Suggestions, as always, are very much welcome. Oh, and the rest is far from done, too, so many more crits, please!

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