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That would be it at the moment.The bigget problem I have is related with the grass. I will watch your progress and then maybe modify my tile. By the way, is it okay to post every tile here? shouldn't we send you a PM or something, ptoing?

Blank space in 17? Anyway, I thought about breaking the grid so that's why there is some dark space in 35. I wanted kinda force someone bordering to me to also go out of the grid, fill the dark space and extend the ground. If you didn't notice it I think it's not readable enough :(. I went a little out of the right side to make the corner more round, but it's ok you cut it since someone will finish it anyway. But why cutting the stuff intersecting with 48 and leave the cactus which is also on someone's terrain a bit? All the things that go out of my reserved space (or are left blank) are meant to break the grid. If it's not okay, I will fix it...


Still work in progress but I came here to ask about the readability because I'm not quite sure if I've achieved what I wanted. I know it may look kinda crappy but I promise I will try hard to keep up with you guys. I would also like to ask someone who owns 70th tile to plase a small pond there (for example a circle cut out of ice would be perfect) if it's not a problem ;).

Pixel Art / Re: Robot thing
« on: April 26, 2008, 04:49:48 pm »
Sorry man but I don't even know what it is :(, and thats probably the biggest problem that can appear. You say it's some kind robot? Is it a part? Arm, head? Or is it a whole machine? Tell us what it is because, sadly, I can't help you at this point.

If you want to know how to achieve some good metal texture and other various materials, you could take a look at: (also avaible in the Tools, Resources and Linkage thread).

Pixel Art / Re: little caveman
« on: April 25, 2008, 09:46:26 pm »
Yeah, the cave is very small compared to the little guy :P. The canvas of the cave seems pretty poor at the moment.
There is nothing more to say than just: Give them more datail and don't be afraid to use more colors because now it looks like a 5 min. work to me.

Pixel Art / [WIP]Meanwhile
« on: April 25, 2008, 08:48:50 pm »
So I've got some hard time with the game I'm currently working on. It's perfect time to start something new :crazy:. Here it goes:

Maybe something decent will come out of this.


I just love not getting any response, yeah ;D!

Pixel Art / Re: Small sprites
« on: April 25, 2008, 02:07:43 pm »
Little update:

Bonus... yes, you can laugh.


I've found a sec.

Archived Activities / Re: Isometric Collaboration IV - IT IS UPON US!
« on: April 25, 2008, 12:06:06 pm »
17, 35 please :).

Pixel Art / [WIP]Small sprites
« on: April 24, 2008, 01:47:11 pm »
I've just realized that I can't make small sprites  :wah:. But I need them badly so here goes what I've made until now. C+C please, and be as cruel as you want.
I hate me being so bad at this  :'(.

Pixel Art / Re: [WIP]Tileset + Map Editor
« on: April 14, 2008, 08:14:21 pm »
infinity+1 if you really want a windowed version, and you think it may come in handy, I will consider it. I tried to make it windowed for debugging but had some (small) problems and I gave up because I didn't really needed it. Let's see what I can do tommorow.

Sorry for making a split thread, but as long as I'm working on the tile it's okay to talk about the tools right? By the way, if there's no further critique, I wiil take it as finished (the tileset) and let the topic to be moved if it becomes necessary.

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