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          1. Company title and/or individual representing and offering employment.
Hello, I am a full-time software developer and part-time game developer. I've been working on my current game for several years and it has a good amount of art and a specific art style. I worked with another pixel artist here for the majority of the work over the years and still am. But now it has gotten to the point that we need more artists to finish it up in a timely manner.

          2. Project title.
I have two projects: Ongoing long term work for the main game.
Short term artwork for the game indirectly.

If you're not interested in the short term and only interested in the long term work that's fine with me but I still need both finished and the short term artwork has a closer deadline. Just let me know and we can figure something out.

          3. Description of company or project.
The current project is a nostalgic 16bit procedurally generated endless runner with an Asian aesthetic.

          4. Talent/Position requirements.
For the long term project, you need to be able to stay within the same style but for the short term project, there is a lot of free reign on creativity and style.

          5. Payment.
Commission pricing will be discussed upon interview.
I will pay for a sketch of the concept work before the final copy as well.
I can pay you hourly after your done with the work.

          6. Contact information.
I would prefer to be contacted over discord at RookTKO#5092 or you can send me a message on the forums.

Job offers / [PAID] Pixel Artist for Game
« on: September 20, 2016, 05:36:17 am »
Requiring a pixel artist that will be required to work with a certain color palette and color scheme for a platforming 8-bit game. I need a few sprite animations done, some parallax background work and possibly some character sketches. If work goes well I will definitely have more work for him later on, on different projects. This is a small project that can lead to more work on other projects later on. Legitimate inquiries only please.

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