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I'm available for work!  Here are some recent samplings.  Contact me at!


I should have attached some more recent work!  Here's some stuff back from December and a couple of little Ghouls n' Ghost inspired guys from last week.

Available for work at this time, contact again is at!  If you're e-mailing me solely to ask about my rates, a little heads up would be nice!  Had a lot of inquiries with no follow-up.


Recent fanart and some personal commission work.  I'm available for small projects/jobs!  Shoot me an e-mail at if you're interested in working with me!

Sharing some recent stuff!  I'm available for short-term work!


Here are some more recent things I've done.

I'm still available for short-term jobs!  If you're interested please contact me!

I'm currently available as of June 22nd!

Currently unavailable!

Greetings!  My name is Alec and I'm excited to collaborate with others on their projects, be they personal or commercial!  I've been creating pixel art for a decade and have a very strong emotional attachment to the style and works that involve it.  I'm working on a personal project as of now as my main gig, and I'm looking for a smaller project to work on for payI'm not an animator by any means, however that does not mean I can't animate..   My work is very character and object oriented, however I am capable of doing tile sets and other background work.

Minus a finite amount of commercial ventures my experience has been limited to personal pixels for recreation.  I have been involved with a few projects:
- "Dungeon Boy" (working title) Overworld tiles, battle backgrounds, monsters
- "Tough Coded" Commissioned to do some miscellaneous assets/concepts, have not been shown off to the public as of yet as far as I know.

A few samples:

I'm very eager to work!  For questions see the contact information below.

Contact: or through PM!
Personal art blog:

Pixel Art / [C+C] miscellaneous pixel practices
« on: January 18, 2015, 07:52:05 pm »
I suppose a general thread for me to post my pixels for critique is allowed, it doesn't seem to be against any rules.  I've recently tried to use my personal art time to push more pixels out and build a little pixel portfolio for myself so I can get started doing some freelance work, so I'll be dumping whatever I come up with in this thread for you all to critique the hell out of!

A few character pixels from yesterday.  Tried something a little bigger than what I usually work at and they turned out better than I was expecting!  I have no plans on animating them any time soon, I've never properly animated anything.

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