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Ok so i've gotten a couple request for me recently for 2-D sprites and i would like to state that i do earthbound style sprites mainly. most often than not i wont be able to do your 2-D sprite.

Now i know a few people new here might not know what i mean by "2-D" so ill explain.
You see in a sense all sprites are 2-D however the 2-D im refering to is the kind used in sidescrollers, fighting games, ect.
The style i mainly do is characters with a a sprite for the different direction they face. Front, side, back. Mainly those three.

However lets just say for some unknown reason you look at the side sprite of Ness and think, "wowie that sure does look perfect for my platformer" (just immagine studdering on the "P's") so if thats the case i may be able to get you a sprite like that as its not a very advanced or detailed to draw. Please refer to this before messaging me. Thank you.

Oh yeah, My email is for those who can't find it on my portfolio.

Anyway thats all. Have a great day.


Hiya! Name's Parker. I tried sending an email twice but it wouldn't work. Weither thats my fault or not i dont know. But anyways here is my portfolio if you want to take a look.

Im able to copy simple styles if needed like undertale's or earthbound's. Anyway, shoot me a message whenever. Have a great day.


Ok so 2 things first

1. I updated the portfolio with some recent works.
2. I feel like i should explain the whole "free" thing. You see, im at this point not looking to work as somone's main artist for free unless either the game has my interest of pay comes later.

Now onto the main topic.

Im mainly making it my goal to give you some sort of starting point to branch off from. I can make you a sprite but unless the reasons above are met i won't be making the sprite with the same level of skill i would have for my own personal works.  However i don't ever want to give somone a crappy sprite so don't worry I'll make sure it looks nice. After i give you a starting point you can then work on your game while waiting for a main artist to come in. Im doing this for free of course but if you could give me some credit that'd be appreciated.

So mainly i dont like to do backrounds, animations, or advance level sprites.  I most likely wont accept that kind of request. Im not an extremly experinced artist so keep that in mind.

Anyway thats all for now.


Unpaid Work / Re: Looking for pixel artist for GBA rom concept art
« on: May 19, 2016, 07:43:56 pm »
Hiya, name's Parker. Im not exactly sure on the level of pixle art you'd want of me but here is my portfolio if you'd like my style
If you dont think im good enough, no problem, just let me know.

Unpaid Work / Re: Looking for Serious Partner for Game.
« on: May 19, 2016, 07:37:40 pm »
Yo, name's fanifacation if you want a "serious" partner im not your guy. I'm more of a jokey guy but i can still get work done. Here is my portfolio
If your interested email me first before we do skype so i can be sure of a few things. My email is on the portfolio.

Hiya the name's Parker. I do quite a lot of Earthbound/MOTHER style pixel art and i'm looking to show off what I can do. Here is my portfolio check me out if your interested.

also side note im currently looking for a programmer to help make my idea for an earthbound style game come to fruition. So if your open for that let me know, thank you in advance.

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