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Pixel Art / Re: New
« on: January 02, 2007, 08:03:16 pm »
Well, there are some obvious things in the reference that you didn't put in your version.

1. The hair - it's much MUCH bigger, and the curves you used don't really have the same effect as the sharper spiky-er texture of the ref.

2.  The chin - he has an angled jawline and pointy chin, in your version it's very square... and even if you don't want to copy the style of the ref exactly, this is a big part in what makes the character recognizable so, I really don't understand why you made the chin so straight..

3. This is the biggest issue, I think, the eyes - even with giant hair and pointy, no one will know that it's Huey if you keep on this track when you do the eyes.  He has an exxagerated forehead, and in the ref his eyebrow only goes up so high because of his expression.  In your pixel 1. the eyebrows are both the same, which tells me you're doing a different expression on his face, and 2. The slope of the eyebrows is a lot less steep than in the ref.

4. His hair goes lower down his neck, which also should be a little thinner.

There is a certain delicate quality in Huey's features, and still, even this early on, I don't see that in your piece.  All these things are fixable, but I'd suggest you start over on this before you put too much time into it.  It just doesn't reflect the character well enough.

I just need to finish my portfolio, so that i can apply to an artschool for fall 08.  And by finish I mean start, but it's hard to get motivated knowing I'll be a bum next year... But hey, community college is still better than doing nothing so, I'm all for it.  ish.
I thinkfocusing on the bright side should be at the top of my list though

General Discussion / Re: Can your parents draw and how is your eyesight?
« on: December 30, 2006, 02:18:34 am »
my dad can draw.. i think, I saw his old sketches (all 3 of them!) and they were pretty amazing (he drew my mom while he was away with the army awwh)  but he's refused to draw anything since, even when I asked him to teach me.  I don't think my mom can draw though, so I didn't vote b/c there was no "sorta" vote.

And yes, I have very bad eye-sight.

General Discussion / Re: Draw something on Artpad and show us.
« on: December 28, 2006, 05:05:54 pm »
ack I'm never doing this again - it was lagging so much, I gave up trying to detail it..
Now I need to go to Barnes and Noble and buy some books on color theory, because I just random colors on there :/

General Discussion / Re: Doll Poll
« on: December 28, 2006, 05:45:04 am »
I was a doller, and the reason I quit has more to do with the atmosphere of most dolling communities than the art itself.  Sure there are plenty of crappy dolls out there, but I've met way too many people who absolutely hate even the idea of dolls because they're stiff and uncreative and lacking effort/work, etc, and that's just generalizing too much IMO.  I was a doller for around two years and that's when I learned most pixel art techniques I know/use now, so as an art form it's really not as evil as most people would imagine.  There's crappy stuff in every kind of art community, like someone said earlier, so targetting this much hate toward dolls is unreasonable. 

I said I disliked them, but only because most dolling forums have so much drama involved, it's what turned me off in the first place.  Also there is a lack of serious cc in most places.  It's not ALL "omg kawaii" but a lot of it is compliments without any real feedback about the image.  A friend of mine who'd quit dolling for a while to do some 'staight' pixelling said she went back to dolling because she didn't like how on pixeljoint everyone went straight to whats wrong with her piece instead of sandwiching cc in compliments (goodbadgood).  And I personally don't see that as a problem, so that's why I stayed.  Many dollers, like someone mentioned, are really young and so are really sensitive about what you say, and also because they're so young, it's not a really great place to continue learning once you've reached a certain point.  At least that's how it was for me. 

Pixel Art / Re: [wip]an LJ icon for a friend
« on: December 27, 2006, 03:35:59 am »
m0d: I agree on the cheek high light and the lighter brown on the lid of her left eye (right side).  The nose thing though -  I know it jpeg'ed in the picture,  but when I originally made that part rounder it looked almost droopy, and Snader said to make it "less pointing down" and it looks better now than when I started out, so I think I'll keep it straightish for now.  As for the colors, well.. I won't be making the lips at all, but I'll definitelly add some pinkish hues to the nose and under the eyes,  but again - I usually save the colors for last, cause that's my favorite part! 

Senad: Like I said before it doesn't have to look 100% exactly like her, though you're right about the eye.  I'll try to work on that tomorrow, but I am taking a few liberties on this, so if I end up liking the rounder version better I'll just go with that.  Your point about the eye-brow is extremely helpful, I see now it gets too close to her nose, so that'll be at the top of my list tomorrow.  I've been trying to fix it, but didn't know what to do with it so I'd move on to something else, so thanks for mentioning that too! And again - the colors I'll work on a wee bit later.

Thanks for your replies! (-:

and again:   am I ready to move on to the hair? I still think the part above her nose is too flat, but I don't want to overdo the dithering again..

Pixel Art / Re: [wip]an LJ icon for a friend
« on: December 27, 2006, 03:08:44 am »
The black hasn't been worked on at all yet..

I tried changing the hues a bit,  but so far I didn't get anything I liked so I just worked on finishing the dithering on the face, and I'll try the colors again tomorrow.  Just wanted to post a little update.

As for the hair on the bottom - I agree, it's confusing as to what it is and why it's there, but I plan to add a hint of the shoulder there, and, obviously, AA the whole thing, so if at the end it still looks like a bug, I'll get rid of it.   Also, I don't really like the hair that's on the side.  It looks like it's pulled back by a clip, so tomorrow I'll try to straighten it out a little.

Pixel Art / Re: an LJ icon for a friend
« on: December 27, 2006, 01:41:41 am »
I usually mess with the colors much later, but that looks really cool! thanks, I'll play around with that ^__^

Pixel Art / [wip]an LJ icon for a friend [updated 1.22.07]
« on: December 27, 2006, 01:17:01 am »
I've been lurking around for quite some time, but never participated and one of your fellow admins nagged at me to be active, so here I go: 
 My friend Lisa asked me to make "something cute" for her livejournal icon.  I've only worked on this for a couple of hours so far, it's not some big project or anything, and while I'm trying not to keep adding colors, it's not my main concern.

The big issue I have is that I don't really like the dithering, but I also want the shading to me more realistic than that on her left cheek. So, cc would be appreciated, but just to throw it out there - it doesn't have to be exactly like the ref photo, I'd like to exaggerate some things, like making the eyes larger and darker...

And just for fun - this is the steps I saved for a 'progress' animation I'll make when I'm done:
That's about it, I think. Hope you all had a great holiday.

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