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Thank you so much .o.
I definitely see the points made out on the shading and the colors that the tulip has. Again thank you so much!

I was trying to make a tulip seed .o.

Alright here we go, heres the original size!

(Probably should've added this as well earlier..))This time I changed the design and added a technique I just learned called anti-aliasing unfortunately from the distance I do feel the shading is off


Thank you for letting me know about the zoom in feature and all that, also thank you for the compliment and reassurance!
Update: I actually re-did it the plant sprite this time and re-sized it way down so hopefully it should be smaller this time-

Ohhh. When I resized it said it was about 200x200 in size.
My bad;;
I guess I thought it was 200x200 and wasn't looking at it right;;
Would it be better then to not just scale it up close like that then?
Idk my process of making pixel art is I work with an average 300x300 first sketch and resize it to a smaller size , but most of the time for simpler things I just make start with a outline.
Then I work add the darkest color first shade dithering and in that process I zoom in and out a lot and I guess to me up close with the sprites look better than its original image and usually I take a picture with that and edit in Photoshop to make it the new size and transparent.

I guess what I'm asking is should I work with the original size and keep it that way or is it okay to back up a certain degree, take a picture of that and use that?

Unfortunetly No;;
I don't have the original 100x100;;
I apologize for the inconvenience.
I guess it is kinda too big for a sprite image? ^^;


I need a critique- (and I highly apologize if I posted this already I'm rather new and i'm super confused because it keeps giving me this error about my words not being typed in corresponding to my post))

And for a problem of mine I find that I have trouble working with 50x50 to 100x100 format and this is 200x200 format. Could I perhaps have some advice and help for those sizes?

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