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General Discussion / Re: Read the Rules, then introduce yourself here.
« on: April 04, 2016, 06:34:53 pm »
Hello guys you can call me Brutecold (even those who know my name do it)
you can find me on slack!!

I'm a 3d artist with focus on concept art, very new to pixel art but always loved it.
I have some projects that I want to create so I'm learning!!

of course I'm a total noob, so I will ask a lot of noob questions all the time
and will do my best to get better at my pixelpoop  things  :0#


yrizoud: That makes a lot of sense, to keep them at the lowest number and have the larger stuff just take on more tiles.
I'm making things a little different right now, but its not hard to make them a different size still.

So Tomorrow I will try both ways and see what works better for it!!!

Thanks for your help!!

Ok so after testing it, I really like this so I'm using now 16x16 tiles for almost everything.
will make bigger ones only for other things like animated characters and stuff like that.

Thanks :)

Thanks tsej!!!

Your post helped a lot, basically I can use any size, and as long as people don't scale things around it will come together nicely :)

I will make my sprites available to people later so I was worried if people with different workflows and engines would have problems now I can keep working on it without worrying about this lol

I'm new to pixel art and started to make some 32x32 pixel art, but now I have to add some props and that's too big for it, would be ok to add 16x16 props or that would become a problem when you place objects into a game engine? will it be harder to snap to grids? (Unity, gamemaker..)

Sorry I know its a really newbie question I have tried searching for an answer but could not find it, so I hope someone here can help with it.


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