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Job offers / Looking for experienced pixel artist (3/4 top down)
« on: March 07, 2016, 08:31:36 am »
Information of the work:

I'm looking for a pixel artist for a 3/4 Top Down game roguelike, Im currently working at 320*180, but resolution can be increased up to 480x270, (choose what your are more comfortable to work with).

References: Crawl, EITR, Children Of Morta, Moon Hunters, Hyper Light Drifter, Songbringer.

*I'm able to add shaders, lighting, rain or any other fx if you see it necessary for aesthetics.

Im looking for someone able to:

  • Able to define an style for the game, and stick with that direction.
    Able to work efficiently to test gameplay and game feel quickly.
    Able to  take in consideration of visual narrative in his art.
    Able to take part into game design.

Graphics Required:

  • 3 Player characters with animations,(4 directions)
    Enemies with animation(just 1 direction, since they are gonna just be moving 2 directions)
    Tiles(take in consideration that its a procedural generated game)
    A dynamic menu background.


Please send a portfolio, previus work is really relevant to me.
If your choosed for hire , first work would be a set of sketches of scenery and some enemy sprites with animations, there I will check if your able to maintain an style consistently.
All Payments via paypal

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