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Ok I guess this is my final entry.

My aim with the Boktai one was to be honest to the perspective, which was a thing I don't think anyone here managed to do correctly. And frankly, I realized it was just too awkward for me as well to make look right. That planometric is very weird when you're used to see the world in that old game isometric way.

Oh well. I'll be off for a week now, will be back next sunday. is where you should contact me if you need to. Good luck to everybody, I'm really suprised of the level of the entries for this competition, some excellent pixel art of all flavours in here! :O

I too will be in quite a hurry tomorrow if I want to finish it. I'll try to make it during a train ride, I wonder how that will turn out.

Btw, I quite like .Takam's and Omenith's freestyle sprites, you better take fine-tuning seriously, you guys have good changes of winning! :O

Well that's good news. I just got my freestyle one done and was about to hurry the Boktai, but yea a week extra is good.

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