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Portfolios / Re: [PORTFOLIO] Pixel artist for hire
« on: April 06, 2016, 09:26:01 pm »
portfolio updated!

Portfolios / [PORTFOLIO] Pixel artist for hire (Looking for work)
« on: February 15, 2016, 08:24:50 pm »
Hi, My name is Daniel Clarc. I've been working as a pixel artist since 2013~14 and have already been through a bunch of very different projects which allowed me experiment lots of techniques and different styles. I love what I do, and that's part of why I always kept experimenting different styles whenever I got the chance to.

     I'm going to talk a little about my personal skills and some other stuff it might be interesting ^__^

     Normally I'm a shy guy, but I kinda lose that shyness when I'm talking about game development or pixel art in general, so feel free to send a message even if it's not work related. I sometimes take too much time to respond through here, but feel free to shoot me an email or hit me on twitter  :lol:

     As for my personal profile when drawing. I like using fewer colors and smaller sizes, making the most out of a limited amount of stuff is something I like to put my work on. I really like to draw fantasy and Particle animations, but I often pendullum between RPG fantasy and futuristic/cyber stuff and I get super pumped up when I got to work on those things, besides that, I'm confident with animation but I can also handle some environment, other themes (given a bit more time to study), exporting layered animations and I also feel like I got a good grasp on effective animation (more directed to keyframes) and overall "visual juiceness". Not really a fan of more "realistic" styles or making stuff without being able to give my own input.

     Also don't forget to follow me on twitter:  :y:

Well, enough talking about me. Here are some examples of my work


First of all you can check for some jam games

Lately I've been mainly working on Bloodless

I was making characters and environment (and the cover art) for Colt Hercules (click to zoom)

I did a LOT of skill animations for Fiotactics   :)

 Skill effects for Fight Over dat Ancient like these ones

I was part of the art team at Fluffy Horde

I also done the art (and the coding, and pretty much everything else except the music hehe) of the game Coinlectors.







Had a lot of fun animating this little witch and some other magic folk  I did a few years ago and still like a lot ^_^

twitter:  :y:

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