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Archived Activities / Re: Secret Santa 2012 - Sign Up Thread
« on: November 19, 2012, 02:46:28 pm »
Count me in.

- Cats
- 007 (ones more in the line of Casino Royale, For Your Eyes Only, License to Kill, The World is Not Enough...)
- Die Hard
- Moody atmosphere
- Fantastical environments
- Final Fantasy 1
- Winter
- D&D Clerics

Not preferred but would be okay with:
- Tolkienesque Fantasy
- Cyberpunk
- Anime (Chibi and otherwise)
- Nintendo related stuff

- Dogs
- The color green (this is the big one)
- Beaches
- Jungles
- Zombies
- Westerns
- Twilight
- Goth, emo, scene
- Donkey Kong
- Star Wars Prequels
- Star Wars Prequels Lightsaber scenes
- The clear lack of good space ship dog fights in the Star Wars prequels
- Jedi in general, even outside the prequels
- Gore just for the sake of gore

General Discussion / Re: Official Off-Topic Thread
« on: October 16, 2012, 12:23:37 pm »
Does anybody that plays Paper & Pen RPGs know how much interest there would be if I made pixels of tokens that can be printed out and glued to otherwise useless US pennies? I'm thinking of doing that as a side project of mine.

Also I decided "screw it" and become less strict with color counts even if it's not optimal.

I will be using more saturated colors from now on.  I actually hate a lot of GBA palettes and approach to color due to often being too bright and too awkwardly calibrated to work on a screen other than a GBA, so I don't agree that is a good thing.

@Mathias: I ditched making everything super digital, with the exception of the background, because it just wasn't worth the sacrifices and like what happened earlier it became too Tron-like.

Also I know the background is bad and distracting, but I love it too much.

The "Dwarf" is actually Beaver Warrior, whom I chose to represent the "Dwarf" of the group, which will probably just make it even funnier.

Pixel art, man . . . takes so much dang work for what seems like so little pay-off.
This is probably the only piece I've ever done that's actually paid off in some way, even though it doesn't hold a candle to a lot of better pieces that have come out at the same time.


I am calling this "finished enough to upload to PixelJoint", because it can be more finished but I'm really tired of working on it and I can always tweak it later.

Link to PixelJoint page:

Still not finished!  I am hoping to finish tonight but that's looking less like a possibility.

I can never be sure whether I used dithering properly or not, I just like the crispness.  It's black magic and I can't wish or recommend my faults and my habits upon anybody wanting to learn.

Anyway...  Still trying to clean up the clusters of all of the characters and still haven't gotten to the point where I want to say, "okay, now to add some outlining and AA and call it done".  I'm not even sure I'll even add outlining.

Obviously I reduced the color count, from about 31 to 25, and well...  I recycle colors.

Starting to get closer and closer to finished.

Left wall designed, started cleaning up clusters/dithering/anti-aliasing on the wall plane facing the viewer.

Added a new color for the light blue.

Will clean up characters' pixel clusters, add shazam colors to them and anything else if I can, will eventually start outlining everything and anti-aliasing everything as well.

I forgot about that screen.  I'll get to it for sure.

Not much has changed in the grand scheme of things, just working on walls and other little adjustments.

As usual, the detail is a mess right now.  I not only need to go back to it later with the image fresh out of my mind to see where I need to simplify (I'm pretty sure I overdid it), but I'll also have to clean up any unintended banding and clean up a lot of the pixel clusters and whatnot.

I guess I'll try it in several areas, and then later cry and regret it.

I'm now in what I like to think of as the "polishing the turd" phase (regardless of whether or not it's a turd, but I should assume the former for my own benefit).

I'm mostly detailing the walls right now.  As you can see I've added splashes of what I like to call a "wtf" color where I add a strange color and try to make it work, in order to add a bit of shazam.  In this case though it somehow managed to make sense as coming off as dirty.  Green might work too, though I'll stick with that color.

I'll have to move the Blue Eye's hands too, I just now realize upon typing this post (I notice a lot of mistakes in embarrassing ways) that its hands are a bit low now that I've moved a couple of heads.  Should be an easy fix.

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