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Unpaid Work / [Contest] Design Game Characters in Retro Style
« on: November 04, 2016, 02:07:54 pm »

I need to Design Game Characters in Retro Style for video game target HD resolution ( 1920x1080 ). Actually there is two characters:

- Caldwell ( Player ):
- Fighting Style: Street Fighting & Martial Arts.
- Age: 29.

- Gideon ( Enemy ):
- Fighting Style: Street Fighting.
- Age: 27.

Target reference for Character Design:

Original Concept Art in the attachment. You can fix thing you thing it is wrong like the tall, body shape so basically how character should look like.

Feel free to be part of the contest on freelancer site and this is just a step to find the required designer for all game characters and sprite animation.

Job offers / [PAID] 2D Stage/Level for Video Game
« on: December 29, 2015, 08:06:17 pm »

I'm looking for talented 2D Designer for my project which is side-scrolling beat 'em up video game something like Street Of Rage series so the task will be:

Design 2D First Stage/Level which contain 3 Sub Levels and include Level Design Static Background, Level Design Items, Level Intractable items & Level Animations.

Target Resolution: 1920x1080

Level Style: 2D Side-Scrolling Stage/Level.

Level Design Reference: Dungeon Fighter Online.

Stage Description:
The Stage/Level will start in Street Level and the player will walk through in front of number of stores until he get to open door for a big casino which will enter it to get to the next Level which Casino Level the player will walk through this casino until he get into big bar at the end of this bar there is a close door the player need to smash it to enter the final Boss Office Level where he get to fight the final boss for this stage.

Street Level Reference:

Casino Level Reference:

Boss Office Level Reference:

More Info:
1) Level interact-able items are some stuff inside the level that can be destroyed, used as weapon or broken for some benefit - these usually have few states of destruction and other animated effects when hit or used - example video check 21:46 (
2) Level design items combines few different assets:
    - these are level assets that can be duplicated and reused to build the actual level - for example check here: - this level has a moving detailed background at the back and on the from you have fences, train cars, train seats inside, etc. These are piece assets that are then combined on a layer above the background to achieve variety and different level view. So for each level we have to draw some of those, then tweak them and then build the actual level design view.
3) Level animations are again separated in the pretty much the same two groups:
    - part of these are various animated objects in the background of the level - example: - the burning fire here, then through the city there is lighting signs and other animated object. Not very complex in their game but if we are to make a game that must look nice in 2015 it must have nice animations and effects.

The Price: At least $800 or more.

Time Frame: 30 Days ( From 29 Dec 2015 To 28 Jan 2016 ).

Submit the work:
You can submit a sample of your work here or via Private Message which is preferred and after the time frame i will evaluate the work to choose the winner which will later work with me on the other Levels for the game. This sample is just a part of Street Level for resolution 1920x1080 not a complete stage.

Please! Please! don't send your profile via Private Message but only sample for the actual work i'm looking for to review it.


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